Orientation and Assessment

The following steps are recommended for all NEW students entering Moorpark College.
This process is critical to your success and is available ONLY On-line. This is considered
your FIRST Counseling contact.

  1. Complete and submit your On-line English Self Placement
  2. Complete your On-line Orientation.
  3. Check the On-line Schedule of Classes for information regarding specific registration dates.

After completion of your On-line Assessment and Orientation, you will have enough information to make an informed decision as to which classes you would like to register for in the upcoming semester.

Both the Moorpark College Schedule of Classesand the Moorpark CollegeCatalog are available On-line.

Please visit "Discover Moorpark College" on the Web at MoorparkCollege.edu/discover for a quick overview of the campus. Look at the many links that will give you the inside scoop on Moorpark College and prepare you for the adventure that awaits you.