April Doud, Classified

Photo of April Doud, Classified

Numbers and charts are technical data specialist April Doud’s bread and butter, and she works hard to translate them into usable, succinct information for increasing student success at Moorpark College.

After working as an administrative assistant to the dean of performing arts and student life division for several years, Doud, who has always been interested in organizing information in databases, moved to her current position. Doud organizes research data into a visual, digestible format, acting as an interpreter between machine and person. Her work today helps Moorpark College administrators, faculty and staff understand the makeup of the student population on campus.

“This helps dictate the culture on campus and how to provide services to those that may be underrepresented,” explained Doud. “The data is crucial in figuring out policies and procedures on campus to ensure students are on the best pathways to success.”

Doud is also president of Moorpark College’s Classified Senate, and proudly calls the 150 classified employees on campus the “backbone of the college.”

She holds a BA in communication studies from California State University at Channel Islands and is a graduate of Ventura College.

Doud is known for her can-do attitude at Moorpark College, and she approaches any situation with what she calls a “Moorpark It” perspective.

“It’s about taking something and changing it to make it better for us and our Moorpark community. It’s the attitude of we can do anything, and we are going to work together to get there.”