Faculty, Featured: Psychology Department

Photo of Psychology Professor Julie Campbell, Ph.D

Who she is: Psychology Professor Julie Campbell, Ph.D

Dr. Campbell has a B.S. in Health Science, an M.A. in General Experimental Psychology from CSUN and a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from UC Santa Barbara. She has been teaching at Moorpark College for 11 years.

What she teaches: Intro to Psychology PSYM01, Honors Intro to Psychology PSYM01H, Behavioral Research Methods PSYM06, Death and Dying PSYM10, Developmental (Lifespan) Psychology PSYM07, and Human Sexuality PSYM13.

Why Dr. Campbell loves psychology: “I love human beings. I love focusing on people and I love that it’s a science because I do appreciate the scientific method. I feel like it’s such a broad field that it leaves freedom to look at humans in different ways and ask different questions. I love teaching psychology to college students because it’s so applicable and necessary.”

What to expect in the classroom: “Enthusiasm. I am a facilitator. I make it very clear how the information we are learning is relevant to them. I get the students to question the material, to apply it, discuss it, and get interested in it. This semester, I’m fleshing out a project where students use psychological principles to design or create a new school program in order to show that psychological principles can help to inform policy in institutions (such as circadian rhythms in teenagers or bullying in school).”

What she does outside of the classroom: “I am excited to start as a fellow for Project ALAS (Aligning Learning and Academic Success), where I will get to work with other colleges and universities in the area, particularly CSUCI, to bridge the faculty so that we are in line with what we are teaching and so that we can network and help our students network in their fields.”

Dr. Campbell’s number one advice to students: “Don’t give up.”