Meet student Mariana Garcia

Photo of Student Mariana Garcia

Business Administration student Mariana Garcia has faced a lot of adversity in her life, but travels forward with the mentality that knowledge, and education, is for anyone.

"Growing up, because of my environment, I always assumed that you were either born smart or you weren’t. I didn’t know how to study, or earn an 'A'."

Today, Mariana thanks Moorpark’s friendly staff, especially Brandi Rieger from the Career Transfer Center, for her great strides in higher education.  “She has been very helpful to me and lets me know about resources and scholarship opportunities here on campus.” 

Brandi Rieger is also the advisor for the Foster Youth Connections Club, in which Mariana, a former foster youth, is president.

“We find that a lot of foster students aren’t claiming what’s available to them, so we try to find out about resources and general student help, scholarships and EOPS opportunities.”

Mariana’s greatest advice to new students is to ask questions and find out about clubs and resources available on campus.

“I’m normally a very shy person, and I would not have tried so hard in school had it not been for Foster Youth Connection. Now I know that anyone can be an ‘A’ student. You just have to work for it.”

Mariana’s next goal is to join the Moorpark College Honors Program before transferring to a four-year university. She hopes to someday run her own business.