Moorpark Alumnus Shaquille Moore

Photo of Moorpark Alumnus Shaquille Moore

Community college wasn’t always the plan for Moorpark graduate Shaquille Moore, but one visit to Moorpark’s campus changed everything. Within minutes of visiting the school to play basketball with a friend one afternoon, he was approached by then basketball coach Remy McCarthy.

“I knew he was interested in my basketball playing, but upon talking I realized he was a genuine guy who was interested in the student Shaquille just as much as the athlete Shaquille,” he said, “and being able to distinguish that made the choice to come to Moorpark easy.”

Shaquille says that single decision led him to excel in his studies, coach a travel basketball team in Moorpark and become a star player on the Moorpark basketball team. He was one of 80 West Coast students invited to the All-American JUCO Showcase. Shaquille says that greatest tools for success were the Athletics department and Social and Behavioral Sciences Dean Dr. Amanuel Gebru.

“Whether they know it or not, the faculty here allowed me to move on to my next stage in life,” Shaquille said. “This community helped me make connections and introduced me to a plethora of resources at Moorpark.”

Shaquille transferred to UC Santa Barbara in fall 2015 as an Economics and Accounting major.

“I feel prepared for this next step,” he said, “and I’m going to work hard and stay focused.”