Robert Felix and the Veterans Resource Center

Photo of Robert Felix of the Veterans Resource Center

Moorpark College’s on-campus Veterans Resource Center, for student veterans, will be a year old in August 2016.

One of the driving forces behind the Veteran Resource Center (VRC) is natural science alumnus and student assistant for admissions and records Robert Felix, who dedicated more than a year of his time at Moorpark to installing a facility for veterans. The center, complete with computers, a copy machine, television and couch, will be a space for veterans to learn about on-campus services and meet fellow military at Moorpark.

Robert says that veterans--many of which have combat experience--have different needs than the rest of the student population.

“Those men and women come back with some traumas, and readjusting to civilian world is a difficult task to do. Having this VRC will facilitate that readjustment and give them the option to be with and share stories with other veterans who have done combat. That in itself is therapy, because a lot of veterans keep that to themselves or don’t want to identify themselves because of the stigma of war.”

Robert, himself a LVN and medic, is retiring from his 22-year service in the Air Force and returning to school for his RN. He hopes that the VRC will draw more veterans to the college and is excited to continue his education at CSUCI knowing that future military veteran students will have a place at Moorpark College to call home. 

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