Year of Service at Moorpark College

Spring 2010 Year of Service Schedule.  hands_color2

Call for Volunteer Nominations: Do you or someone you know volunteer in the local community and is that volunteer affiliated with Moorpark College?  Help Moorpark College build awareness of volunteers in our community.  Email us their or your info by completing this Volunteer_Awareness Form include in the email 1) Their name and email address 2)Your name and email address 3) Name of Organization 4) Number of volunteer hours per month.           Note: Please nominate yourself if you do volunteer work.

Upcoming Events:

1. March 24th - 1:30pm at PA 100 - A Free Multi-Arts Performance showcasing student and faculty work in dance, music, drama, poetry and visual art. swanday  Open to the public.  See Swan Day The work of female artists from Moorpark College Faculty and the community will be displayed in front of the Performing Arts building from 11am - 3pm. Featured Guest: Michele SerrosMichele Serros, author of Chicana Falsa, Honey Blonde Chica, Scandalosa, and How to Be a Chicana Role Model.



Recent Events

  1. Haiti - "The Context of Recovery" - Thursday Feb 4th, 1:30-2:30, Room: PS 202, Lecture/Discussion on understanding the crisis and recovery process in Haiti.  Discussion will include: Haiti earthquake key facts, why earthquakes occur,  history, culture, demographics, conditions, and Relief/Aid.  Presenters are Andrea Ehrgott & David Birchman.
  2. The Haiti devastation has deeply moved and affected many at Moorpark College. The Year of Service committee is working to organize a faculty panel to provide students with a context for understanding the depth of this crisis. The panel will share information on the history, politics, culture, and economic conditions of Haiti.  Here is an Organization_List in need of financial support.
  3. Invitation to Participate in the Moorpark College Service Fair has been scheduled for Thursday Feb 25th, from 10:00am - 2:00pm.  Interested parties should RSVP by first reading the Participant_Form, then copy middle of form,  click Name&subject=Service_Fair_Particpant_Form, then paste and email your info. 
  4. Year of Service Faculty Lecure Series continues:  View Sandra Hunters English M01A November 17th archived presentation.
  5. One Laptop Per Child: Many volunteers needed for this Campus & Community based program to mentor, teach, support, underprivileged students.   Contact Katherine Adams to get involved.  Bigneho's presentation abstract.
  6. Nursing Students administer 1,300 community vaccinations. See photos 1, 2   3.
  7. Love In A Shoebox completed in December with 50+ Shoeboxes donated along with clothing, coats, cash and other essential items were contributed from Students, Staff, and Faculty. A total of over 1,500 adopted shoeboxes were sorted in Camarillo, California. and distributed to impoverished families in Vicente Guerrero, Mexico. 

"YOS" Co-Chairs: