Meet the Staff

Picture of Sherry D'Attile

Sherry D'Attile, Director

Do you believe in angels? I do because I direct a whole staff of them here in ACCESS, the program for Moorpark College students with disabilities. We have been told numerous times by students, both current and former,  that the encouragement and support they received in ACCESS were essential to their college success. Our goal is to help you gain the knowledge, self awareness, confidence and self advocacy skills necessary to thrive in your college years. Then, we will be your cheerleader as we watch you carry those vital skills forward to the successful completion of your career and life goals. Please read about our wonderful staff below and be certain to come in to say "Hi" and let us know how we can be of assistance.

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Picture of Sile Bassi

Sile Bassi, Learning Disabilities Specialist/Instructor

Hello, I am a Learning Disabilities Specialist and instructor. My duties vary from teaching Learning Skills Classes, coordinating the outreach program, interviewing new students, assessment and evaluation of learning disabilities, disability related counseling, and educational planning for all disabilities. I teach the following classes, LS 07A: Basic Math Skills Part 1, LS 07B: Basic Math Skills Part 2, and LS 03: Study Skills. My specialty is teaching students to LOVE math. I teach in a way that fosters self-esteem and empowers students to learn math according to their individual learning styles. Please come and visit me at ACCESS if you have any questions or if I can help in any other way.

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Picture of Melanie Masters

Melanie Masters, MA MFTI, Learning Disabilities Specialist/Professor

I am a learning disabilities specialist here at ACCESS. My duties include interviews, assessments and the evaluation of learning disabilities, disability related counseling and educational planning for all disabilities, including ADHD, ABI, LD, Psych-D, etc. In addition, I am responsible for  the coordination of the LD assessments and supervision of the support staff. I am the state representative for the LD state Advisory group, Division VI. I also, at times teach the following classes: LS 09 Strategies for Personal Success, LS 03, Study Skills and LS 13. I am on the Wellness committee, the Academic Senate and have served on the Crisis Intervention Team. I work very closely with the campus psychological services and provide support seeing students in ACCESS as I also have an MA in Counseling Psychology.

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