Special Admissions for Grades K-12

Special Admissions students must submit the following:

  • Application for Admission. The application for admission must be on file before the student’s first registration as a Special Admission student.
  • High School Recommendation for Special Admission Form or K-8 Form signed by the student’s school principal or counselor and a parent. Required for every semester of attendance as a special admission student.
  • Must submit a Memorandum of Understanding signed by the student and a parent. The Memorandum of Understanding provides supplemental information regarding the admission of minors to the Ventura County Community Colleges.
  • Unofficial copy of the student’s most recent school transcript. Required for every semester of attendance as a special admission student.

Special Admission Guide:

  • Must register in person.
  • Students are exempt from the $46.00 per unit enrollment fee only.  All other fees apply.
  • May register in a maximum of 6.0 units per semester.
  • Must have the Moorpark College Pre-requisite Approval Form signed by a Moorpark College Counselor for any course requiring an enforced prerequisite and/or must complete the on-line English Self-Assessment if enrolling in Engl M01A.
  • Home-schooled students must present the completed Private School Affidavit. For more information, visit www.cde.ca.gov/sp/ps.


Grades 11 & 12:

Grades 10 & Below:

  • Must attend the first class session for which they plan to enroll.
  • Must demonstrate instructor approval by submitting the add authorization number received from the instructor in the second week of the term.