2015 - 2016 Associated Students

Associated Students Board of Directors

Name: Julie Gonzalez

-Position: President

-Major: Computer Science

-Career Plans: Julie is pursuing a B.A. in computer science, with plans to complete an M.B.A. She aspires to create her own business that develops mobile apps and computer software.

She also wants to pursue law and earn a J.D. with a concentration in business law and management.

-Goals for the year: Julie plans to be a voice for the underrepresented and minority students at Moorpark College, advocate for first generation college students, and assist in promoting and

increasing student involvement on campus.

-Time at Moorpark: 2 years

Email: julie_gonzalez4@my.vcccd.edu

Office hours: TBD

Name: Carmel Gutherz

- Position: Vice President

- Major: Sociology

- Career Goals:  

Carmel plans to advocate for human rights law, higher education, and become a documentary filmmaker. Currently, she is working on being admitted to

UC Berkeley and making the world a happy,tolerable place in which all persons can obtain an education.

-Goals for the year:

As an AS Board member, Carmel is dedicated to the students and environment of Moorpark College. This year she is working on campaigns to reduce the sale of bottled water,

installing new hydration stations and

bringing a composting program to campus. On a daily basis, she hopes to be a fresh voice in discussions and learn much from her peers.

By using her voice as a perceptive student and advocate she hopes to continue making progress for the amazing students and faculty of Moorpark College.

-Time at Moorpark: 3 years

Email: carmel_gutherz1@my.vcccd.edu

Office hours: TBD


Name: Absent

-Position: Director of Academic Affairs


-Career Goals: 


-Time at Moorpark: 


Office hours:


Name: Neema Sheshebor

- Position: Director of Budget & Finance

-Major: Political Science, Pre-med

-Career Goals: With a major in political science and emphasis on pre-med, Neema plans on obtaining a Master’s or PhD in the medical field and transitioning into local, state,

and hopefully national work involving medical issues.

-Goals for the year: As Director of Budget & Finance, Neema intends on creating a more tangible Moorpark community by spearheading more on campus events and inter-club cooperation.

With his position on the board, Neema would also like to reshape the campus life here on Moorpark by funding sustainability objects and pragmatic cosmetic changes to the Campus Center.

-Time at Moorpark: 2 years

-Email: neema_sheshebor1@my.vcccd.edu

-Office hours:


Name: Lawrence “Larry” Kelley

-Position: Director of Constitution & Rules

-Major: Computer Network Systems Engineering

-Career Goals: Lawrence is currently working towards an Associates’ degree, with intentions of obtaining at least a Bachelor’s degree.

From there, he wants to go to a career within government as he has deep concerns as to where our country is headed. Moreover, Lawrence plans to contribute all the energy, will, effort,

and skill into bettering the world we all live in.

-Goals for the year:

Lawrence hopes to enrich student life in all ways possible by utilizing the tools AS has at its disposal to motivate the student body to make Moorpark college really feel like their home,

even if only for a short time. Additionally, he hopes to promote our athletic teams and provide new tools/incentives to student organizations to reward their efforts. Larry also plans to create

civic awareness projects and potentially even charitable projects in the future.

-Time at Moorpark: 2 years

-Email: lawrence_kelley2@my.vcccd.edu

-Office hours:


Name: Patrick Nordstrom

-Position: Director of External Affairs

-Major: Political Science

-Career Goals: Following a career within political science, Patrick hopes to become a political diplomat in the future.

-Goals for the year: Patrick wishes to advocate for students both on a regional and statewide scale through the passage of resolutions via the Student Senate of California Community Colleges (SSCCC).

Patrick also wishes to install more hydration stations on campus to improve student life, as well as work with administrators to bring a larger variety of food trucks on campus.

-Time at Moorpark: 2 years

-Email: patrick_nordstrom1@my.vcccd.edu

-Office hours:


Name: Chelsea Vanicek

-Position: Director of Public Relations

-Major: Political Science

-Career Goals: After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Chelsea hopes to start off her career by working in local government. After returning to school to obtain her Master’s,

Chelsea hopes to advocate for education policies on the State Board of Education, and later become employed by the U.S. Department of State.

-Goals for the year: As the head of public relations, Chelsea hopes to heavily publicize the Associated Students, athletics, clubs, and sponsored events through the means of social media,

the Moorpark college website, and on campus. Additionally, she hopes to plan more upcoming events for the student body and bring back student life to the campus.

-Time at Moorpark: 2 years

-Email: chelsea_vanicek1@my.vcccd.edu

-Office hours:


Name: Richard Real

-Position: Director of Student Organizations

-Major: Business Administration

-Career Goals: Richard plans to take more management and leadership focused classes to accentuate his leadership from the Business Student Association and ultimately end up owning  his own company,

or reaching a high level of management in an existing corporation. Ideally, he plans to transfer to a university with an outstanding business program to further continue his education.

-Goals for the year: Richard plans to foster greater club presence and awareness among the student population, create a more cohesive inter club culture, help student organizations host more events on campus,

and address student needs such as better access to hydration stations.

-Time at Moorpark: 3 years

-Email: richard_real1@my.vcccd.edu

-Office hours:


Name: William Sloane

-Position: Director of Student Services

-Major: Journalism

-Career Goals: William hopes his community work will eventually lead him to sit on a Ventura county city council and eventually become a representative on the California State Senate.

-Goals for the year: William plans to raise attendance at Moorpark sporting events and find more discounts to provide to students with Moorpark college student IDs.

-Time at Moorpark: 4 years

-Email: william_sloane1@my.vcccd.edu

-Office hours:


Name: Sydney Pugh

-Position: Campus Events Director 

-Email:  syndey_pugh1@my.vcccd.edu



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Office Staff

Office Managers:
Christine Anderson (Recording Secretary)
Richard Real

  • (805) 553-4831 (main office)
  • (805) 553-4832 (president's office)
  • Campus Center - Room 152

Sharon Miller  

Dean of Student Life  

Norman Marten

  • nmarten@vcccd.edu
  • (805) 378-1459
  • EATM 212
  • Admin. Asst. Tami Cobb (805) 378-1515