Online Counseling

Welcome to Moorpark College’s Online Counseling service! We are still in the process of developing our service. At this time, our Online Counselor will be able to answer your general/topical questions regarding your educational and academic goals. Student-specific questions (e.g., transcript evaluations, graduation checks, etc.), which require accessing your student records and other online capabilities are being developed.

Our Online Counseling services do not include Psychological Services. If you are in need of these services, please contact Moorpark College’s Health Services at (805) 378-1413.


  • Information transmitted through our Online Counseling services and email correspondence is not encrypted for security.
  • Technological failures may occur, which may affect transmission of Online Counseling services and email correspondence.
  • Response time is usually within 72 hours, but could be up to a week during peak times. Weekends, Moorpark College recognized holidays, and non-session days/periods are exempt. Students will be notified if the question submitted will require an extended response time.
  • Student questions and/or emails may be referred to the appropriate Moorpark department or staff.
  • The Online Counselor may refer students to walk-in counseling appointments if deemed necessary.
  • By submitting a question or email correspondence to the Online Counselor, the student is acknowledging the disclaimers listed.

*Please Note: Starting June 1, the online counseling account will only be monitored Mondays - Wednesdays.

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