Student Requirements

Before completing this application, please read the statement below, which explains the mandatory elements of the Guided Path to Success program. You must agree to:

  1. Attend the Family Orientation to the GPS program (each applicant will need a minimum of ONE family attendee, either the student or a parent/family member at this meeting).  The strong preference is that the student AND a parent/family member attend. You will have the opportunity to sign up for one session once you have been accepted to the program.  You must attend ONE of the following:
    • Date Time Location
      Family Orientation Dates
      May 16th 6:00pm-7;00pm EATM 208
      May 22nd 6:00pm-7:00pm EATM 208
      May 24th 6:00pm-7:00pm EATM 208
      May 25th 6:00pm-7:00pm EATM 208


  2. Submit completed GPS Contract by June 5, 2017 in-person (at the GPS Center) or by email (
    • If sent by email, must include student 900# in the email.
    • Incomplete contracts will not be accepted.
  3. Submit-- unofficial-- transcripts by June 14, 2017 in-person (at the GPS Center) or by email (
    • If sent by email, must include student 900# in the email.
    • Must submit high school and all colleges previously attended.
  4. Complete Student Success Checklist as required by the college before the Summer Kickoff.
  5. Attend the entire Summer Kickoff on June 20, 21 and 22, 2017.
    • This is a critical element of the program. This is when you meet other GPS students, your Student Success Coaches, faculty members and get acquainted with Moorpark College. 
    • Lunch will be provided.
    • Students must attend all three consecutive days of the Summer Kickoff in order to maintain status in the GPS Program. Because the Summer Kickoff is being used for research to measure student success, students who do not attend the entire 3-day event will be dropped from the program. No exceptions will be made.
  6. Participate in a math Summer Bridge the week before Fall semester (August 8 or 9, 2017).
  7. Enroll in and complete one of the designated GPS College Strategies classes during the Fall semester.
  8. Enroll in and complete at least one math and one English course in either the fall or Spring semester.
  9. Be a full-time student taking 12 units or more during both the fall and spring semesters.
  10. Respond to your Student Success Coach by answering texts, phone messages and or social media messages within 24 hours. For the first few weeks of the fall semester, there will be a minimum of one contact per week.
  11. Meet with your Counselor at least one time per semester, and consult with the Counselor before making any changes to your education plan.
  12. Attend a minimum number of tutoring sessions. Those sessions may be lessened or eliminated with exemplary progress reports.
  13. Participate in any necessary evaluation research of the program.
  14. Attend Spring Reconnect (January 4, 2018).
  15. Participate in our End-of-Year Celebration, honoring your successful completion of GPS (May 4th, 2018).

Please UNDERSTAND that our workgroup of dedicated educators has assembled this program of extraordinary support based on educational research. Therefore, we are steadfast in the position that each participant must agree and COMPLETE EVERY item listed above to become and/or remain in the GPS program. If you are unable to complete every item listed above, you will still be able to utilize several student support programs at Moorpark College, but you will not be eligible for the GPS program.