Student clubs active in 2017-2018

Calvin Tan, Engineering Club PresidentPictured: MC Engineering Club president Calvin Tan at the annual Club Rush event. (Photo by James Schaap)

Moorpark College has almost 50 active student organizations! These formally recognized clubs provide students with opportunities to engage with classmates, apply classroom concepts or principles to real-life situations, and undergo personal growth. Participating students gain valuable leadership experience while developing social and professional relationships. Scroll down to learn about the clubs that are active during our current academic year.

Find out when clubs are meeting, or check out what events will be taking place on the Moorpark College campus, by visiting the Student Activities Office Spring 2018 calendar. Don't see a club that suits your academic, cultural, or personal interests? Check out our list of formerly active student clubs that you can revive, or check out our Student organizations page to learn how to start your own club!

Name of student club

Who to contact to learn more

American Association of University Women
Open to all interested Moorpark College students
President: Kaylee Slingluff (
Advisor: Deanna Franke (
America's Teaching Zoo, Student Ch. of AAZK
Open to EATM students and all interested in the zoo
President: Victoria Fosdick (
Advisor: Kris Romero (
Advisor: Alisa Behar (
Armenian Club
Open to all interested students
President: Vicken Kejejian (
Advisor: Vahe Khachadoorian (
Art Club
Open to all students interested in art and sharing art
President: Michael Hellard (
Advisor: Clare Sadnik (
Advisor: Lydia Etman (
Black Student Union (BSU)
Open to all interested Moorpark College students
President: Je'nyce Johnson (
Advisor: Tim Lumas (
Advisor: Johnny Conley (
Business Students Association
Open to MC students interested in business
President: Alec Aivazian (
Advisor: Perry Martin, Jr. (
Chemistry Club
Open to all students interested in learning chemistry
President: Erika Szaldobagyi (
Advisor: Deanna Franke (
Advisor: Steven Joiner (
College Democrats
Students interested in democratic principles welcome
President: Andrew Lopez (
Advisor: Jerry Mansfield (
Cookies for Kids' Cancer
Open to all interested students
President: Jay Madhok (
Advisor: Jerry Mansfield (
Advisor: Thanh Trinh (
Criminal Justice/Bujinkan Club
All interested in martial arts & criminal justice can join
President: Angel Salgado (
Advisor: Chad Basile (
Advisor: Leeann Mulville (
Dance Club
Open to students interested in dance performance
President: Miel Lei Apostol (
Advisor: Beth Megill (
Dub Club
Open to students interested in voice-overs
President: Philip Jones (
Advisor: Peggy O'Neal (
A Capella enthusiasts can audition for Dynamix
President: Zechariah Beeker (
Advisor: Brandon Elliot (
Engineering Club
Open to students interested in Engineering
President: Calvin Tan (
Advisor: Scarlet Relle (
Enthusiastic Programmers
All interested in computer programming welcome!
President: Alex Littaua (
Advisor: Esmaail Nikjeh (
Feminism Today!
Open to all interested students
President: Hadar Amran (
Advisor: Melanie Klein (
Film Club
Open to those interested in film + media production
Pres.: Lorenzo Francisco (
Advisor: Nicole Block (
Advisor: Benjamin Sampson (
FLeX Club
Open to all interested in fitness, nutrition, and health
President: Oren Robles (
Advisor: Jeff Kreil (
Advisor: Brock Cushman (
Forensics Team (MC Speech & Debate)
Open to anyone interested in speech and debate
Student Lead: Jennifer Pezzuto (
Advisor: Rolland Petrello (
French Cultural Club
Open to students enrolled in French classes
President: Jennifer Naud (
Advisor: Adriana Tufenkjian (
Future Animal Professionals
Open to students enrolled in EATM program
President: Tim Camerano (
Advisor: Kris Romero (
Advisor: Chuck Brinkman (
Future Radiologic Technologists
Open to Radiology program enrollees
President: Rebecca Reed (
Advisor: Robert Darwin (
History Association
Open to History majors or those interested in history
President: Michelle Aclan (
Advisor: Nenagh Brown (
Honors Club
Open to students interested in honors courses
President: Josh Vicente (
Advisor: Lee Ballestero (
International Student Org. (Facebook page)
Open to all students interested in other cultures
President: Chloe (
Advisor: Beth Gillis-Smith (
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
Open to students interested in the Christian faith
President: Chey Quijada (
Advisor: Beth Gillis-Smith (
La Raza (formerly Latino Students Association)
Open to all interested students
President: Samuel Flores (
Advisor: Jaime Soto (
Advisor: Hugo Hernandez (
Latter Day Saints Student Association
Open to all those interested in joining
Pres.: Henry Van Slooten (
Advisor: Joelle Hannah (
Law Club
Open to any student interested in law
President: Leah Sankey (
Advisor: Chad Basile (
Advisor: Luis P. Sanchez (
Math Club
Open to all MC students interested in math
Pres.: Sandy Capotosto (
Advisor: David Mayorga (
Middle Eastern Club
All those interested in different cultures are welcome
President: Rudik Zubyan (
Advisor: Jeremy Kaye (
Mock Trial Club
Open to those interested in oral argumentation
President: Callie Hoffmann (
Advisor: Lee Ballestero (
MC Anthropological Association
Open to all students interested in anthropology
President: David Teichman (
Advisor: Rachel Messinger (
Advisor: Ashley Vaughan (
Music Band Club Extravaganza
All interested in jamming welcome!
President: Nicholas Burch (
Advisor: Jeremy Kaye (
Muslim Students Association
Open to all MC students
President: Faizan Anwar (
Advisor: Allam Elhussini (
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
Open to all interested students
President: (unknown)
Advisor: Diane Scrofano (
Nature's Finest (visit website or Facebook page)
Nature and gardening enthusiasts welcomed
Pres.: Nick Boomhower (
Advisor: Martha Ahlstrom (
Outdoor Adventures
Open to students interested in outdoor activities
President: Chad Weireter (
Advisor: Brian Swartz (
Peer Health Club
All students interested in healthy lifestyles welcome
Pres.: Shakeh Nalbandian (
Advisor: Lisa Noack (
Philosophy Club
Open to all students interested in philosophy
Pres.: Patrick Gordon-Davis (
Advisor: Jerry Caplan (
Phi Theta Kappa
Admission by invitation based on academic reqs.
President: Nima Golshani (
Advisor: Lee Ballestero (
President's Leadership Forum
All students are eligible to apply in Fall to participate
Please contact Linda Resendiz ( for details
on how to apply to participate in the President's Leadership Forum.
Psychology Club
Open to all students interested in psychology
President: Danielle Baker (
Advisor: Julie Campbell (
Raider Cheer Squad
Open to students interested in cheerleading
Captain: Summer Fitch (
Advisor: Kelsey Stuart
Increasing awareness of domestic violence victims
President: Jade Barth (
Advisor: Kari A. Meyers (
Advisor: Chad Basile (
Rebels Without A Clause
On-campus book club, welcoming of all students
President: Katherine Guthrie (
Advisor: Carol Cellucci
S.P.A.C.E. Club
Open to those interested in physics + astronomy
Pres.: Javier Berjon (
Advisor: Erik Reese (
Spectrum Club
Open to all interested in supporting LGBTQ students
Pres.: Holden Streetly (
Advisor: Sally Ponce O'Rourke (
Advisor: Raquel Olivera (
Spikeball Club
Open to anyone interested in playing spikeball
President: Rahyen Heilmann (
Advisor: Brian Swartz (
Student Nurses Association
Open to all MC Nursing Program students
President: Jennifer Lasalle (
Advisor: Argie Clifford (
Advisor: Olga Myshina (
United Universal Dreamers
Open to all who support MC's DACA students
Pres.: Arisay Hernandez (
Advisor: Jesus Vega (
Vegan Club
All interested in learning about veganism are welcome
President: Taylor Cook (
Advisor: Jeremy Kaye (
Women in Engineering, Math and Science (WEMS)
Open to all MC students
President: Ria Regi (
Advisor: Farisa Morales (
Young Voters National Front
Any enrolled MC students may join YVNF
President: Arsalaun Kiani (
Advisor: Shannon Johnson (