Ceremony information for graduating students

Moorpark College is excited to welcome your families and friends in celebrating you, our Class of 2018! This page is intended to provide important information for students and guests regarding parking, directions, restrictions, special accommodations, and other topics. Any questions that are not answered on this page can be directed to MC Student Activities Specialist Kristen Robinson at krobinson@vcccd.edu or at (805) 553-4976.

Q: What do I need to do to participate in this year's graduation ceremony?
Check out our Participate in graduation page for details on what you need to do to participate in our spring commencement ceremony.

Q: Where can my family and I park on the day of graduation?
Parking on campus is free for the day, and we invite your guests to park in any student or guest parking lots. We recommend guests try to park in any of the upper-campus parking lots, such as Lot C, Lot B, Lot D, Lot E, or Lot A. Other parking lots on campus will be accessible but will require a significant walk up the hill to the ceremony site. More information about parking lots is available on the Upper Campus Map.

Q: Will I receive my actual degree or certificate at the ceremony?
No. You will receive your diploma holder, but your actual degree or certificate will be mailed to you by the MC Admissions & Records Office. More information can be found on the Admissions & Records website.

Q: Do I have to wear a robe for the graduation ceremony?
Yes. All Moorpark College students are required to wear the robe that is sanctioned by the MC Bookstore. You cannot wear a robe purchased from a thrift store or obtained from another person's graduation ceremony.

Q. Is there a limit to how many people I can invite to the ceremony?
There is no limit on the number of guests graduating students can invite.

Q: Is there anything that isn't allowed at the ceremony?
Drugs and alcohol are not allowed! MC is a smoke-free campus, so smoking and the use of smokeless tobacco or unregulated nicotine products (like e-cigarettes) is prohibited on or within the MC campus. Students or guests cannot bring firearms, fireworks, or loud noise-makers to the ceremony. Balloons are permitted, though we ask that guests carrying balloons be considerate of the other guests around them and not obstruct their vision.

Q: What should I wear under the robe?
The robes usually fall between your knees and ankles, depending on your height. Dress shoes are great! For those considering heels, the Graduation Ceremony takes place on a lawn, so keep that in mind when selecting your footwear for the day. Formal or professional attire is suggested for the commencement ceremony and looks best in post-ceremony pictures. The ceremony is outdoors, so sunglasses might also be necessary.

Q: Can family and friends watch the ceremony from the web?
Yes! Every year Moorpark College offers a live-stream of the ceremony, which later is posted to the Moorpark College Film, Media, and Television YouTube page.

Q: How do I find out if my major department is holding a separate Graduation ceremony?
We recommend students as their major's department office at the beginning of spring semester if a separate, more personalized Graduation ceremony is to be held. In the past, some of the Health Science majors, such as Nursing, or special student services units, such as the Veterans Resource Center, have held separate ceremonies in addition to the comprehensive Moorpark College Graduation ceremony.

Q: Are pets allowed at the Graduation ceremony?
Only service animals specifically trained to assist a person with a disability are permitted on campus during the MC Graduation ceremony.

Q: I am graduating with Honors! Are there any special instructions for me?
Students graduating with Honors (a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher) should request a gold tassel when they purchase their regalia (cap and gown).