Uploading Web Pages

File Transfer ProtocolTo copy your web pages from your local computer to the internet, you will need to establish an FTP connection. This requires the information provided on your Web Page Account Confirmation Form. You may use the FTP program of your choice to upload your web pages. Following are some suggested applications:

  • Filezilla
    • FREE
    • Open source software distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
    • Download the client version appropriate for your platform.
  • FireFTP
    • FREE
    • Can be downloaded as a plug-in to Mozilla Firefox 3.0. Once installed you will find it under the Firefox tools menu.
  • Windows Explorer
    • Built-in capability for Windows users.
  • Built-In FTP Client
    • Some web development applications, such as Dreamweaver® have built-in FTP capability. Therefore, you can create and upload your pages within the same application.