Board of Directors Roles and Responsibilities

The Associated Students Board of Directors hold weekly meetings and activate ad hoc committees to discuss ways to enrich student life at on campus and to address current issues facing Moorpark College Students. In addition to attending the weekly Board of Directors meetings, Board members also serve on college participatory, advisory, and group committees. The Board of Directors host campus events,such as Club Day and the Talent Show, and participate in campus-wide events including Year Of activities and Multicultural Day. Each Board member is expected to serve at least 3 hours in the Associated Students Office making student ID cards and being available to answer student questions.



  • prepares agendas and chair weekly Associated Students Board of Directors meetings in accordance with the Brown Act
  • serves as the official spokesperson of the Associated Students
  • leads the Moorpark College Associated Students delegation at regional and national conferences 
  • is an authorized signature on Associated Students Trust accounts 
  • serves as liaison between the college administration and the Associated Students  
  • may serve on all Associated Students committees 

Vice President:

  • assumes responsibilities of President in his/her absence 
  • serves as administrator for the Board of Directors 
  • oversees appointments of Board members to college committees and oversee attendance at the meetings
  • keeps record of Board Member attendance 
  • assists the President in facilitating good relations between the Board of Directors, student body, and college administration 
  • serves as the vice chair of the Inter Club Council  

Director of Academic Affairs:

  • serves on the college Curriculum Committee 
  • attends the college Academic Senate meetings 
  • oversees the Associated Students Scholarship Program

Director of Budget and Finance:

  • prepares and develop the budget of the Associated Students 
  • is an authorized signature on Associated Students Trust accounts 
  • maintains records of Associated Students accounts 
  • serves on the college Fiscal Planning Committee 
  • prepares financial statements presented to the Associated Students Board of Directors once a month 
  • serves as a voting member of the Associated Students Programming Committee

Director of Campus Events:

  • serves as the chairperson for the Associated Students Programming Committee 
  • coordinates and oversee the annual Talent Show 
  • facilitates all Associated Students events 
  • serves on the college Year Of Committee

Director of Constitution & Standing Rules:

  • is familiar with the Associated Students Constitution and Standing Rules and submits revisions as needed
  • oversees student elections
  • serve as chairperson of the Elections Committee
  • keeps record of Associated Students Attendance of Board meetings and committee meetings

Director of External Affairs:

  • attends Ventura County Community College District Board of Trustee monthly meetings
  • attends Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC) Region VI monthly meetings
  • researches information for advocacy conference in Washington D.C. to monitor legislation that effects community college students

Director of Public Relations:

  • advertises events sponsored by the Associated Students Board of Directors or student organization around campus
  • serves on the Inter Club Council
  •  works closely with the Director of Campus Events and the Director of Student Organizations

Director of Student Organizations:

  • serves as chairperson of the Inter Club Council (for student organizations)
  • serves as liaison between the Board of Directors and the student organizations
  • coordinates “Club Day” once a semester
  • serves as a voting member on the Associated Students Programming Committee

Director of Student Services & Sustainability:

  • oversees college student ID card sales and cardholder benefits and discounts
  • researches and report on all student services
  • attends Student Services Council College Committee meetings
  • serves as chairperson of the Sustainability ad hoc committee
  • oversees in-office Sustainability efforts regarding minimizing/ eliminating paper and plastic consumption during daily operation 
  • oversees the Associated Students Commissioned Arts Program


See the Constitution and Standing Rules for more information about the Associated Students and Director positions.


Role of Students

From Moorpark College Making Decisions Document

Moorpark College’s Associated Students is recognized by the college as the representative body of the students. In their role representing all students, they offer opinions and make recommendations to the administration of the college and to the governing board with regard to district and college policies and procedures that will have a significant effect on students. The specific areas of their purview are:

  • grading policies;
  • codes of student conduct;
  • academic disciplinary policies;
  • curriculum development;
  • courses or programs which should be initiated or discontinued;
  • processes for institutional planning and budget development;
  • standards and policies regarding student preparation and success;
  • student services planning and development;
  • student fees within authority of the district to adopt; and
  • any other district and college policy, procedure, or related matter that the district governing board determines will have significant effect on students.

The Ventura County Community College District Governing Board agrees to provide students with an opportunity to formulate recommendations through council/committee participation and to give the recommendations and positions developed by students every reasonable consideration. Similarly, the Academic Senate consults with the Associated Students prior to making recommendations that impact student interests.