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Download these guides for help with your writing, reading, and research.


Grammar and Editing

Top 5 Grammar Errors...and how to fix them

Run on sentences: how to detect them and correct them

Using Active Voice

"the" "A" "An" to use articles/determiners

Editing Check List



Outlining your essay

How to write an essay

Thesis statements


Classical Argument Structure: Explanation and Planning Tool

Logical Fallacies to Avoid

A table for planning a compare/contrast essay

Introductions & Conclusions

Research Papers

Research Paper Structure for Expository and Argument

Research Paper Structure for Literary Analysis and Criticism

What is a "Lit Review" (Review of the Literature)? How do I write one?

Quoting, Summarizing, and Paraphrasing without plagiarizing (MLA style)

How to know if a source is credible

Research Paper Process (a topic refinement tool)

Research Paper Designing Tool (for clarifying your thesis and visualizing the argument)

Citation Format Guides

MLA 8th edition Citation Guide

MLA Overview Workshop (mp4 video)

Sample MLA Works Cited page and Sample within Text Citation 

APA 6th edition Citation Guide

Chicago Manual Citation Guide

Improving Academic Success across the Curriculum

Preparing a "Poster Session"  

Annotation: Taking notes on what you read

Taking lecture notes

Taking Lecture and Reading Notes (Lecture notes PowerPoint)

Reading Log for Text Books (pdf) Reading Log for Text Books (MS Word doc)

Reading Log for Research (pdf) Reading log for Research (MS Word doc)