Meet Professor Alison Hoffman-Han

photo of Professor Alison Hoffman-Han

Alison Hoffman-Han joined Moorpark College in 2013. Prior to Moorpark College, she was an assistant professor in Cinema Studies at Oakland University in Michigan. She is a published author and has worked in the industry as a creative consultant and visual culture curator, helming projects for individuals such as Bette Midler and top-tier film festivals in Los Angeles (Outfest, Look East Film Festival). In 2010, Hoffman-Han earned her Ph.D. in Cinema & Media Studies from UCLA.

Hoffman-Han currently teaches courses on cinema history and aesthetics, documentary, and topics on gender, racial and sexual differences within American and global film cultures. "I enjoy the challenge of finding new and exciting ways to present these subjects to students who are curious and forever evolving," stated Hoffman-Han. "At the end of every semester, I have students tell me what worked and didn’t work for them in my classes, and then I make adjustments based on their feedback."

But for Hoffman-Han it’s more than just feedback from students; she spends several hours each week refining her lesson plans to make sure students are constantly learning about Film Studies through relevant examples. She also distributes questionnaires to students to find out how they learn. This helps create an environment that showcases her students’ strengths and enables them to experience a more dynamic, engaging learning environment.

Since a substantial body of Moorpark College’s students and community members are interested in building careers in California’s entertainment industry, the Film Studies department provides them with meaningful, inspirational and practical instructional opportunities. One of the best ways to do this is through face-to-face instruction and discussion with film industry leaders and creative practitioners, which is why contemporary, award-winning film directors Tristan Patterson (Dragonslayer; Electric Slide) and Tracy Droz Tragos (Rich Hill; Be Good, Smile Pretty) have been featured guest speakers in the program’s speaker series, "Moorpark’s Movies + Art + Culture."

Hoffman-Han is passionate about teaching and credits her students for giving her the spark that keeps her going. "Whenever I’m working with students, I’m hoping to learn something new or see the world afresh. I want my thinking to be transformed each and every day. Nothing in the world makes me happier or keeps me feeling more alive and engaged than learning from and with my students," Hoffman-Han concluded.