Now and Then - 50 Years of Excellence @ Moorpark College

Welcome to the "Year of Now and Then"

Welcome to The Year Of, sponsored by Moorpark College.

As an institution of higher education, Moorpark College seeks to facilitate the critical thinking skills of students, faculty, and staff both within and outside of the classroom. Toward this goal, an experiment took place during the 2006-2007 academic year in which the entire year was dedicated to an inquiry into the seemingly divergent approaches taken by science and religion to understand the world. “The Year of Science and Religion” provided opportunities for all members of the college community to acquire strategies and tools for talking about and understanding the relationship between science and religion. Among the guest speakers that appeared during that year were Michael Shermer, founder of The Skeptics Society, Roy Ascott, President of the Planetary Collegium, and William R. Stoeger, staff scientist for the Vatican Observatory Research Group.

This year,as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Moorpark College, we are pleased to offer these engaging and exciting programs to explore times gone-by and spark conversations on how we have progressed as a college a community and a country over the last 50 years.   Each event is designed to look at an innovation in technology, social interaction, scientific breakthroughs and/or trends in popular culture. 

The Year of Now and Then: Evolution in Technology” – Oct 12th @ Noon to 12:45 in Comm 129 with a larger presentation @ 6:00pm in EATM 208

 This event is so big that we had to break it into two parts!  The first session will be in the Communications building room 129, our TV Studio, from Noon to 12:45 with a live audience.  Seating is limited for this event so if you'd like to attend, please contact Michael Grimes, The larger event will be held that evening @ 6:00pm in EATM 208.

This exciting event will feature discussions and demonstrations on innovations in video game graphics, technologies utilized in Athletics, Astronomy and robotic arms utilized by NASA on all the Mars Rovers, leading up to the Curiosity Rover.  Through “The Year of Now and Then: Explorations in Technology,” we look back on the technologies that have changed our world over that time and we hope you can join us as we enjoy the earthbound presentations from Moorpark College faculty member and Head Coach, Remy  McCarthy and  Zareh Gorjian, Lead Animator of the Science Data Visualization Group and then turn our focus on the skies with presentations from Astrophysicist, Tim Thompson and JPL Chief Engineer, Wayne Zimmerman.  This entertaining and compelling program offers something for everyone as demonstrations on the evolution in technologies in basketball, video game graphics from “Pong” to “Call of Duty” and space age innovations are presented.  This FREE event, open to the community, will highlight the latest innovations in athletic coaching, digital graphics, multi-wavelength scanning of the heavens and the development of interplanetary exploration. 


Remy McCarthy, former assistant coach at the University of Utah (1983-87) and head coach at Oxnard College (1988), he has been the head coach at Moorpark College for men's basketball (1997-2014), and is currently the women's basketball assistant coach and the Kinesiology Health Education Department Chair.

Zareh Gorjian received his B.S. in Computer Science from CSUN, and M.S. in Computer Science from USC. He is a Lead Animator in the Science Data Visualization Group at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). With 25 yrs in computer graphics, he participated in animations for the IMAX movies "Destiny In Space" and "L5 First City In Space;” his work has appeared on the covers of Nature and Science magazines, as well as all major network television news programs, and Science and Discovery channels specials.

Tim Thompson received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Physics from CSU Los Angeles, and is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, ending his tour of duty as a technical staff of the U.S. Air Force School of Applied Cryptological Sciences.  He worked at NASA’s JPL in the Radio Astronomy Group. He is currently the President Emeritus of the Los Angeles Astronomical Society.

Wayne Zimmerman received his B.S. in Fluidics from Case Institute of Tech., and his M.S. in Aerospace Systems Engineering from USC.  He is former Chief Engineer for the Instruments and Science Data Systems Division at NASA’s JPL. He worked to develop the robotic systems that grew into the Mars robotic arms, starting with the Mars Pathfinder mission in 1998, the Mars Polar Lander, the Phoenix Mars mission, and most recently, the Mars Curiosity Rover.

“Night of the Living Dead” PA C - Theatre Arts Oct 13-23 Adapted for the stage by Lori Allen Ohm produced in cooperation with Dramatic Publishing

The dead are walking as Moorpark College kicks off its 50th Anniversary celebration with this stage adaptation of the 1960’s classic tale of horror that first introduced zombies into the mainstream pop culture.   Fallout from a satellite probe shot to Venus returns to Earth carrying a mysterious radiation that transforms the unburied dead into flesh-eating monsters.  Seven people trapped in an isolated farmhouse, held hostage by the ravenous ghouls, begin to turn on each other as the dead encroach. “Night of the Living Dead” is a gripping, terror-filled play that brings all the fright of the cult classic to life. This blend of thrilling horror laced with touches of black humor envelops the audience in the action and unfolds into a shocking theatrical ending.

A special performance of "Night of The Living Dead," FREE for any alumni of Moorpark College over the last 50 years, will be presented @ 8:00pm on Thursday October 20th.  So, come on home to Moorpark College and reconnect with a friend or two as the zombies invade the PAC.    


The Status of Extinction Now and Then – Nov. 16th Another 1 hour faculty lecture in the TV studio from noon to 12:45pm. - Brian Swartz - Specific Program TBA

The Year of Now and Then: Status of Extinction,” will be an enlightening and instructional event presented on the Moorpark College campus on Wednesday November 16th @ noon in the TV Studio in the Communications Building room 129. This FREE event, open to the community, will draw upon the paleontological and historical records to elucidate our present biodiversity crisis. “Easy has it become for us to THINK that we understand the world by looking at data from the Recent,” said Swartz. “However, combining data from the past and present can illuminate ‘The Status of Extinction Then and Now,’ and also clarify our misconceptions about evolution, paleontology, and conservation biology." Come to Moorpark College to learn more about extinction over the last 500+ million years, and in particular, to see how human activity has begun to change the ‘rules’ that have transcended the history of life on this planet.

"The Year of Now and Then: Status of Extinction” will be presented by Dr. Brian Swartz, professor of Earth & Environmental Science at Moorpark College. Brian completed his undergraduate work in the marine and Earth sciences at UCSB, and went on to graduate and postgraduate education at Cambridge, Berkeley, and Stanford where he studied the history and future of life and Earth. Brian has worked as a documentary filmmaker, has held faculty positions on the east and west coasts, and is happy to say that he began his higher education at Moorpark College, which inspired and catalyzed his life-long thirst for learning.

“Modern Romance” One Campus/One Book Feb 14th 2017 – EATM 208  - Specific Programing TBA

“HAIR” PAC Theatre Arts March 3-13, 2017 - Book and Lyrics by Gerome Ragni & James Rado, Music by Galt MacDermot, Produced for the Broadway stage by Michael Butler, Originally Produced by the New York Shakespeare Festival Theatre.  Produced in cooperation with Tames Witmark, Inc. 

Join us as we celebrate the 50th Anniversaries of both “HAIR” and Moorpark College.  Journey back to the “Summer of Love” and experience Moorpark College just as our first students did when our doors first opened in 1967.  

In the age of Aquarius, a time of harmony and understanding, HAIR, puts rock music and the culture that went with it on stage. The show has a strong effect on everyone and acts as a bridge between generations and viewpoints.  Phenomenal musical numbers include Aquarius, Good Morning Starshine, I Believe in Love, Hair, I Got Life, What a Piece of Work Is Man and Hippie Life. This show has a vitality, a timelessness and a meaning that outlives the late 1960’s in America.  "I wish every mother and father in this theater would go home and make a speech to their teenagers and say: Kids, be free, no guilt, be whoever you are, do whatever you want to do, just as long as you don't hurt anyone.”

A special performance of "HAIR," FREE for any alumni of Moorpark College over the last 50 years, will be presented @ 8:00pm on Thursday March.  So, come on home to Moorpark College and reconnect with a friend or two as we travel back to the Age of Aquarius.