Zoo Operations Assistant
Instructional Technician
Full-time classified staff member - Moorpark College

Alisa has been at America's Teaching Zoo since April 2008.

Bachelor of Science Degree,  Environmental Biology,  California State University, Northridge  -   2002

Graduate Diploma, Captive Wildlife Management, Charles Sturt  University,  Australia   -   2006

Work Experience:
Zoo Operations Assistant - America's Teaching Zoo, Moorpark College      2008 to Present

Wild Animal Keeper  -  Bronx Zoo      2007 to 2008

Animal Presenter  -  The Animal Guys     2007

Lead Animal Keeper - St. Maarten Park,  Netherlands Antilles      2004 to 2006

Animal Keeper/Wildlife Rehab  -  The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens       2002 to 2004
Also did field research in Australia and the Caribbean.

Professional Affiliations:
American Association of ZooKeepers  - AAZK

 A few photos below...


Alisa and Schmoo

Alisa and Schmoo, the California Sea lion, at America's Teaching Zoo.


Alisa and Rupee

Alissa and Rupee, the Indian Crested Porcupine, at America's Teaching Zoo.


Alisa and cain

Alisa and Cain, the Chattering Lory.

More photos coming soon....