Class of 2006

group work day
The first week...

Ready for Spring Spectacular - and ready to Graduate..!!!
spring spectacular 2006

class logo
The Class of 2006 logo.

spring spectacular 2006 logo
Spring Spectacular 2006 logo.

ashley mark p anna
Jen with Nova,
the Great Horned
Mark with a Capuchin Monkey Anna with Nova, the
Great Horned Owl
ashley amber brianna
Ashley and Tyson,
a Squirrel Monkey
Amber with
Rochelle, the Chilean
Rose-haired Tarantula
Brianna with
a Sugar Glider
eric karin nicki
Eric with
Rocky, the Orangutan
Karin and Nuez,
the Agouti

Nikki with Rowdy,
the Striped Skunk

lori jesse d chenoa
Lori and Alladin,
the Chinchilla
Jesse and
a snake
Chenoa and one of
the Sugar Gliders
laura amanda lindsey
Laura with a
Capuchin Monkey
Amanda and Sweet Pea,
the Barn owl
Lindsey and Salsa,
the Catalina Macaw
byron and sarah katie anaka
Byron, Sarah and
Dunny, the Scottish
Highland Cow
Katie and Peaches,
the Moluccan Cockatoo
Anaka and Schmoo,
the California Sea Lion
anna augusto brianne z
Anna and Nicholas,
the Miniature Horse
Augusto and some
of the Madagascar
Hissing Cockroaches
Brianne and Cookie,
the African Gray Parrot
courtney emily jen
Courtney and Ghost,
the Bald Eagle
Emily and Harrison,
the Harris Hawk
Jen and Arrow,
the Red-Tailed Hawk
chelsey debbie jessica
Chelsey and some of
the show Rats
Debbie and Spitz,
the African Serval
Jessica and Sally,
the Snapping Turtle
joel heather jessica b
Joel and Chui,
the Coatimundi
Heather and Harrison,
the Harris Hawk
Jessica and Sahara,
the Dromedary Camel
laurie laura maggie
Laurie and Mupu,
the California Mountain Kingsnake
Laura and Zulu,
the Mandrill Baboon
Maggie and Wendell,
the African Pygmy Goat
lisa kyle susan
Lisa and Banjo,
the Blue and Gold Macaw
Kyle and Rosie,
the Olive Baboon
Susan and Alladin,
the Chinchilla
tuesday heather and breana mark
Tuesday and Puppy,
the Turkey Vulture
Heather, Breanna and
Dunny, the Scottish
Highland Cow
Mark and Happy,
the American Alligator
niptuck extras shawn kim and martha
Breanna, Kyle, Lori and
Byron - as extras on a TV show
Shawn and Happy,
the American Alligator
Kimberly and Martha,
the Green Iguana
sara shauna courtney
Sara and Peaches,
the Mollucan Cockatoo
Shauna and Wendell,
the African Pygmy Goat
Courtney and Legend,
the Gray Wolf
stephanie emily amber
Stephanie and her
fuzzy red dice
Emily during a show Amber and Happy,
the American Alligator
aleia emu carrie
Aleia and Rufus,
the Savannah Monitor
Walking the Emu Carrie and Tyson,
the Military Macaw
got snakes muddy snake
Got Snakes..?
Lisa and Sarah with
2 Gopher Snakes.
Muddy friends,
during the wet winter
of 2004-2005
Stretching one of
the big snakes
dolphin dolphin  
Dolphin leaping,
off the Santa Barbara
Another leaping

Here is a partial list of where some of the above students have jobs - after graduation on May 7, 2006.

Denver Aquarium, San Diego Wild Animal Park, San Diego Zoo, New York Aquarium, U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Internship, Wildlife Waystation, Six Flags Marine World, Sea World - San Diego, Oklahoma Zoo, Universal Studios, Santa Barbara Zoo, Legoland (Bird Show), Worldwide Movie Animals, Underwood Family Farm, Animal Guys, Working Wildlife, Benays Bird and Animal Source, Wild Wonders, Animal Encounters, Wildlife on Wheels, Wildlife Experience.