America's Teaching Zoo Veterinarian
Full-time Faculty member - Moorpark College




Animal Handler/Trainer and Nursery/Veterinary Technician  -- Marine World Africa USA  ---  1983-1990

B.S. Zoology ---  1986 ---  UC Davis

DVM --   1990   ---  UC Davis

Internship Small Animal Emergency and Surgery  ---   CA Animal Hospital   ----  1990-1991

Small and Exotic Animal Practitioner ---   1991-1993

Veterinarian  ----   Los Angeles Zoo   ---    1994-2004

At Moorpark College since 2004

California Condor Veterinary Coordinator since 1994

Member of California Condor Recovery Team since 2001

SSP Veterinary Advisor, California Condor

At home, Dr. Stringfield has 2 kids, 2 dogs, 6 birds, 3 fish and a bearded dragon.

More Photos


Dr Stringfield with Rocky


cythia with student tending to a toad- or frog-like creature


cynthia with student pointing out the talons of a raptor


cynthia holding some equipment outdoors explaining something


cynthia outdoors happy and with shades