English Department

The study of English offers a basic understanding of reading and writing skills and WSan appreciation of literature. The more practical skills offered by the study of English (effective reading, writing, and thinking) are applicable to all education careers and civic responsibilities.

The English Department provides an outstanding array of composition and literature courses each semester to meet student needs. In addition, our award-winning creative arts journal, The Moorpark Review, and The Student Essay Anthology provide students opportunities to have their work published. 

Students who complete English courses will be able to:    

  • Communicate effectively using appropriate rhetorical strategies;
  • Use critical thinking and creative expression in reading, writing, and oral communication;
  • Access, evaluate, and incorporate information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of genre, concepts, themes, style, and tone in a piece of fiction or nonfiction, appreciate the interaction of content and style, and incorporate insights from criticism into an analysis of the readings;   
  • Relate literature to its historical and cultural context and to their own lives.


Department Administration and Staff

Division Dean: Samuel Lingrosso

Phone: (805) 378-1443


Administrative Assistant: Christie Rossi

E-mail:  christie_rossi1@vcccd.edu

Phone: (805) 553-4848


Department Chair: Sydney Sims

E-mail: ssims@vcccd.edu

Phone: (805) 553-4730


English Faculty

A list of full-time faculty office locations and contact information can be found  here

A list of part-time faculty and their contact information can be found here

Counselors: Anitra Evans, ext. 1428

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