STUDENT WRITING AWARDS            

               Deadline:  Tuesday, March 19th 2019 (noon)


The search is on for the best writing student writing of 2018-2019. This contest is open to all classes at Moorpark College.  The English department awards prizes for Expository/First-Person Narrative Writing, Literary Analysis (analytical study of a work of fiction), Critical Analysis (analytical study of a work of non-fiction), and Research.  Nominated essays will also be considered for publication in the Moorpark College Student Essay Anthology. We are soliciting essays from fields other than English as well. Here are the details:



The professor:


1.Nominates the outstanding essay.


2. Informs the student to fill out the submission form (available at the English Department website and forwarded by faculty from S. Dombourian in the formal announcement).


3. Submits the following:


-The essay (in .pdf, .doc, or .docx                                form ONLY) at




-The Submission Form (signed and completed by the student) at in the same message as the nominated essay.


4. Indicates the name of the student and the title of the essay in the Subject line.


Very important: Send each nominated essay in a separate message with a separate attachment (even if you nominate a single student several times). You need submit the student’s Submission Form only once.



Deadline: Noon, Tuesday, March 19th, but undertake these steps now! 




The student:


1. Forwards the nominated essay (in .pdf, .doc, or .docx form ONLY) to their professor.


2. Forwards the signed and completed Submission Form (available at the English Department website) to the professor.  Should the submission be a combination of modes, they should indicate the primary one.  


Note that a hard-copy version of the submission form is not necessary.
















Deadline: Noon, Tuesday, March 19th, but undertake these steps now! 






Professors, please note:


1. The Submission Form is available on the English Department’s website ( You may select to forward the attachment to the student or direct them to access it at the departmental website.


2. Should you submit multiple entries, ensure that you submit each paper in a separate e-mail with the paper as an attachment. Each paper is a separate submission, requiring a different message and attachment to organize them into folders for judges.  Attachments that include multiple entries will NOT be accepted.


3. Enter only the very BEST work to cross your desk. You may submit up to five entries.


4. Please send the submission form and the essay(s) to ONLY. Forwarded attachments don’t always “stick!”


Sage Publications, an independent international publisher of journals, books, and electronic media located in the Conejo Valley, generously supports the Student Writing Awards with an annual grant of $1,000, which is divided among winning entries.