This program is an interdisciplinary program that could connect students across a wide range of disciplines, including business, art, graphic design, programming, performing arts, journalism, music, radio, and television. With the development of software/hardware technology that can display motion graphics and the realization of a graphical user interface for the Internet, millions of people all over the globe are regular users of a medium that is earning billions of dollars annually.

Department Administration and Staff

  • Jennifer Kalfsbeek-Goetz, Dean
  • Rain Matheke, Administrative Assistant

Office: AA-101
Phone: (805) 553-4121

Department Chair

  • Rolland Petrello

Phone: (805) 553-4689

Full-time Faculty

  • Tim Samoff
  • Svetlana Kasalovic


  • Jodi Dickey

Office: FH-120
Phone: (805) 378-1428

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