Program Purpose:

Students who complete Photography courses will apply technical and aesthetic principles of fine art and/or commercial photography in working with black and white laboratory techniques, in using digital cameras and software, in studio lighting, in evaluating and analyzing photographs, in compositional skills, in the development of a portfolio, in presentation techniques, and in the process of collaboration. Photography majors will be prepared for an entry level position in commercial photography, transfer to a 4-year Fine Arts program, and/or a career related to fine art photography.

Degree in Photography :

Students completing the Associate of Arts Degree in Photography will be able to:

  • Create photographic works utilizing appropriate compositional considerations.
  • Demonstrate competent skills in camera operation, film and digital printing.
  • Evaluate photographs with the same critical skills that are applied to literature and science.
  • Research and discuss past and present works.
  • Recognize and analyze the history and social role of photography.

Program of Study

Outcomes Assessment Results