photo of Dave Anter, Registrar

Another of the many student services that calls Fountain Hall home, Admissions & Records is an integral part of student success at Moorpark due to its critical role in accepting applicants to the college, maintaining accurate student data, ensuring regulatory compliance, managing enrollment priority, managing official transcript production, course registration activity, enrollment verifications, and its general support to students, faculty, and staff of other service departments.

Moorpark College’s Registrar, Dave Anter earned his B.A. at Humboldt State and his M.B.A with the University of LaVerne.  Before starting his work within the Ventura County Community College District in 2013 he was Registrar for the Art Institute of California – Los Angeles in Santa Monica.  With a background in classroom teaching in small progressive schools at the secondary level in Math, Computer Science, and Social Studies, Dave has an important appreciation for the challenges of education.

Dave’s work for Moorpark College involves supervision of Admissions & Records, coordination with Counseling, Financial Aid, Outreach, International Students, The High School @ Moorpark College, and participation on the Student Services Council, Student Success & Equity Committee, and at the district’s Technical Review Committee for Student Services (DTRW-SS) where policy language can be discussed and updated for Board of Trustees approval.  Translating board policy into college catalog language and enforcement of compliance the requirements it describes is a major task to coordinate in a multi-college district.

“Its really a pleasure to work with such talented folks on these efforts to ensure access and student success,” Dave said of his various committee meetings and of his work with his counterparts at Oxnard and Ventura College.  “The team at A&R in Fountain Hall are committed to helping students get started and ensuring access to a durable record of student achievement”.

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