K-12 students enrolling in college classes must submit the following:

  • Application for Admission. The application for admission must be on file before the student’s first registration under Dual Enrollment.

  • Recommendation for Dual Enrollment & Memorandum of Understanding signed by the student’s school principal or counselor and a parent. Required for every semester of attendance under Dual Enrollment. The Memorandum of Understanding provides parents supplemental information regarding the admission of minors to the Ventura County Community Colleges.

Dual Enrollment Guide:

  • May register in person with required documents above and photo ID at Admissions & Records in Fountain Hall.
  • May register online via MyVCCCD if the required document above is submitted as an attachment to mcadmissions@vcccd.edu from the @my.vcccd.edu student email account or upload directly at our Secure Form Submission.
  • Students are exempt from the $46.00 per unit enrollment fee only.  All other fees apply.
  • May register in a maximum of 11.0 units with approval.
  • Home-schooled students must present the completed Private School Affidavit. For more information, visit www.cde.ca.gov/sp/ps.
  • Counseling can clear any required prerequisites on campus or on-line: PreRequisite Clearance Request

Grades 9-12:

Grades 8 & Below:

  • Students in 8th grade or below must obtain instructor approval to enroll in each class. Ask the instructor for an “Add Code” as soon as they are available and use it to register online via MyVCCCD.  For semester length classes Add Codes are not available until the second week of the term.  The Recommendation for Dual Enrollment & Memorandum of Understanding and the school transcript or most recent grade report must be submitted to Admissions & Records as described above before registration can be permitted.  We recommend submitting these required documents after successfully applying to the college and receiving the acceptance email.  Contact mcadmissions@vcccd.edu with any questions or to request additional support to get registered.