Submitting your Petition For Exception To Deadline

Petition For Exception To Deadline

A written explanation is required for all petitions. Describe what extenuating circumstance prevented you from meeting the deadline. Attach any relevant documentation to support your request. Petitions may require the instructor's signature for verification of accuracy of the written explanation.  If so division office staff will contact the instructor for verification.  Final approval signature of the Division Dean is required before the approved petition is submitted by the division office to Admissions & Records for processing.

All division offices will accept in person on paper submissions but electronic submission as described here are preferred.  Petitions must be submitted to the division under which an academic department operates.  See the chart below to determine which division office email address should receive your attached petition and supporting documentation.  

All submissions should be made to the email addresses below from your account to verify your identity.

Division Name Languages & Learning Resources Physical Sciences
Dean Jane Morgan Mary Rees
Submission Email
Department/Subject English/ESL Physics/Astronomy
  English Astronomy
  ESL Engineering
  Humanities Physical Science
  Languages of the World Physics
  Chinese Computer Science
  French Chem/Earth Sciences
  German Chemistry
  Hebrew Environmental Sci
  Italian Geo Info Systems
  Japanese Geography
  Latin Geology
Division Name Arts & Communications EATM, Life & Health Sciences
Dean Jennifer Kalfsbeek-Goetz Carol Higashida
Submission Email
Department/Subject Fine & Performing Arts EATM
  Art Animal Science
  Art History Exotic Animal Mgt
  Theatre Arts Health Sciences
  Music Health Sciences
  Dance Nursing
  PHTC Nutrition
  Photography Radiologic Tech
  Media Arts & Comm Studies Emergency Medical Technician
  Journalism Life Sciences
  Graphics Anatomy
  Multimedia Anatomy/Physiology
  Comm Studies  Anthropology
  Game Design Biology
  Film /TV Media Biotechnology
  Film Studies Botany
Division Name Athletics Student Engagement
Dean Lisa Putnam Howard Davis
Submission Email
Department/Subject PE/HED/Ath Counseling
  Kinesiology Counseling
  Health Education Work Experience
  Intercollegiate Athletics Articulation
  Mathematics Career/Transfer
  Mathematics Child Development
Division Name Behavioral & Social Sciences Child Development
Dean Karen Rothstein College
Submission Email Business
Department/Subject Social Sciences Business
  Economics Accounting
  History Comp Net Sys Eng
  Political Science Comp Info Sys
  Behavioral Sciences  
  Criminal Justice