Assessment and Testing

Assessment is a component of the Student Success and Support Program. The assessment program at Moorpark College provides assessment services to help students determine appropriate placement into English and math classes. The assessments are not pass/fail and are used for placement recommendations only.

Most colleges place students into English classes based on a test. At Moorpark, we feel that students can best make that decision for themselves. Before you enroll in your first English class, you will work through the English self-placement, which asks questions about your reading comprehension, mastery of grammar, writing experiences, and life situation. You will then choose English M03, M02, or M01A (Transfer Level Composition) depending on which class teaches the skills you need. Please refer the college course catalog for complete descriptions on each course. Whichever course you choose, you can boost your success with tutoring and the Writing Center

Please Note: If your first language is not English, it is highly recommended that you take ESL (English as a Second Language) classes or speak with an ESL instructor before enrolling in an English class.

The Math assessment test serves as a "pre-requisite" for enrollment in any non-transferable math course. If you determine that you are eligible to take a transferable math course, you will need to submit evidence to the Counseling office.

Non-Transferable Courses

  • Math M09-Pre-Algebra
  • Math M01 or M01 A/B—Elementary Algebra
  • Math M03 or M03 A/B—Intermediate Algebra

Transferable Courses

These courses are college-level. They transfer as college credit toward a four-year college degree. Your major and your choice of transfer institutions will dictate which of these courses you should take. Be sure to talk to a counselor BEFORE you enroll in any transferable math course.

***Remember: Completing the assessment test takes you a step closer to receiving priority registration.***

How do I test?

  1. Log on to your MyVCCCD student portal.
  2. Click the "My Success" Tab
  3. Click "Assessment and Placement Tests" under the "Student Orientation" box.
  4. Complete the English and Math Self-Placement tests.

Click here for a visual guide on how to complete our assessment test.

For more information please contact the Angeline Gonzales, Matriculation Specialist II, by telephone at (805) 553-4765, or by email at

For proctoring services, please contact our ACCESS center. Their phone number is (805) 378-1461. They will do testing for other institutions for a fee.