Apply for AA Degree/Certificate/Graduation

Finishing your degree at Moorpark College? Your first step is to apply for your degree with a counselor to confirm that you qualify for graduation. You can schedule an in-person appointment with a counselor to initiate the process or start online! See below to get started.

When to Apply for Graduation

You can graduate in the Fall, Spring, or Summer. Once you register for your last semester courses, you may apply for your degree/graduation. Deadlines vary by semester. See academic calendar for current deadlines.

Apply Online

You may complete the online request below to begin your AA degree/certificate application if you:

  • are enrolled in the last of your requirements for your degree
  • have submitted official transcripts to the Admissions & Records office for any college coursework taken outside of the Ventura County Community College District (VCCCD). Official transcripts are not required for courses taken at Oxnard or Ventura College.

Once you submit your request, a counselor will review your classes and send an email message to your MyVCCCD email account. If you meet the requirements for your degree, you will be invited to attend a 30-minute workshop to review commonly asked questions about the degree application process and sign your degree application. If you do not qualify yet, we will provide you a checklist of the needed classes in our email.

* Please complete ALL fields below. Please note that we will only communicate with you via your MyVCCCD email account (no exceptions).


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If you qualify for additional degrees, a counselor will complete a degree application for each. Please do not submit more than one request.

Please allow 3-7 business days for a review and response.