Peer Mentor Program

Mentor Applicationis now closed for the 2022-2023 Academic Year.

Apply to be a Mentee for 2022-2023. Application closes  July 14, 2022.

Mentee Application

Peer Mentor Program Vision

  • To cultivate a dynamic peer to peer relationship between mentees and mentors
  • To increase student success, retention, and sense of belonging at MC by providing a supportive system
  • To present mentees with opportunities for engagement with the MC campus
  • To offer mentees an opportunity to explore the resources provided at MC
  • To give mentees an opportunity to give back to future students as future Peer Mentors

Peer Mentor

Under the general supervision of the Student Success Coaches and Student Success Supervisor, Peer Mentors will help to create an inclusive and supportive environment for a cohort of 5-10 new students and continuing student mentees. Peer Mentors will develop relationships with mentees to assist with understanding the college culture by helping to navigate college life, connecting students with appropriate resources and services, and making them aware of all the right tools needed to be a successful student at Moorpark College.

Peer Mentee

Each mentee is connected with a Peer Mentor for the duration of one academic year. Mentees will have the opportunity to meet with their assigned Peer Mentor one-on-one, where they will receive support: 

  • Learning to navigate college life
  • Having a place to bring questions and concerns
  • Setting academic and personal goals
  • Taking ownership of your college experience and getting involved with events, workshops, clubs, and college services
  • Making a friend on campus who you can lean on