Peer Mentor Services

 Mentor and Mentee Applications are now closed for the 2022-2023 Academic Year.

Upcoming Events

Donut Know smaller
Donut know? Ask a Mentor - Q&A Series

​​​​​​Once a month, we will meet on the MC Quad to do an informal Q&A, where you will get the chance to connect with fellow peers and learn the dos and don'ts of college life.

MON, AUG 29 @11am- How to thrive in college
WED, SEPT 21 @11am - How I picked my major
THURS, OCT 27 @10am - How to manage time
MON, NOV 14 @10am - How to navigate friendships

Breakfast will be provided to those who RSVP! ​​​​

Peer Mentor

Peer Mentors will help to create an inclusive and supportive environment for a cohort of 5-10 new students and continuing student mentees. Peer Mentors will develop relationships with mentees to assist with understanding the college culture by helping to navigate college life, connecting students with appropriate resources and services, and making them aware of all the right tools needed to be a successful student at Moorpark College.

Peer Mentee

Each mentee is connected with a Peer Mentor for the duration of one academic year. Mentees will have the opportunity to meet with their assigned Peer Mentor one-on-one, where they will receive support: 

  • Learning to navigate college life
  • Having a place to bring questions and concerns
  • Setting academic and personal goals
  • Taking ownership of your college experience and getting involved with events, workshops, clubs, and college services
  • Making a friend on campus who you can lean on

  • Meet the Mentors