Moorpark College provides Self-Placement services to help students determine appropriate placement into English and math classes. The assessments are not pass/fail and are used for placement recommendations only.

How do I test?

  1. Log on to your MyVCCCD student portal.
  2. Click the "My Success" Tab
  3. Click "Assessment and Placement Tests" under the "Student Orientation" box.
  4. Complete the English Self-Evaluation and review the Math Self-Placement Guides (also linked below).

Click here for a visual guide on how to complete our Self-Placement test.

For proctoring services, please contact our ACCESS center. Their phone number is (805) 378-1461. They will do testing for other institutions for a fee. 

Math Self-Evaluation

English Self-Evaluation

Because we care about your success, we present this Self-Placement Guide to help you make an informed decision about which writing course to take first. While all students have the option of going directly into English M01A (English Composition), you may decide to supplement M01A with regular free tutoring and workshops in the Writing Center, or even to start with a preparatory class, English M02 (Introduction to College Writing). This Self-Placement Guide will help you analyze your own writing experiences, goals, and study habits so you can choose the English course and support services that will lead most directly to your success. When you have completed this Guide you will record your decision and be automatically cleared to enroll in English M01A.

Before you enroll in your first English class we ask you to assess your own strengths and weaknesses in English. Think about what you have written in the past (essays, journals, reports, stories, etc.), how well you did (comments and grades received), as well as what parts of the writing process you have mastered and which still cause you some trouble. The following self-evaluation will give you a focused picture of your reading and writing skills as well as your work and study habits. No one will see these results except you; being honest will help you make the best choice for your success.

The Self-Evaluation consists of four steps:

  1. High School GPA
  2. Your Experiences as a Writer
  3. Your Study Habits and Personal Situation
  4. English Composition Classes at Moorpark College: choose the best course for you.

ESL (English as a Second Language): If your first language is not English, we highly recommend that you speak with Professor Daniela Guevara, ESL Coordinator, at (805) 553-4694 before enrolling in an English class.

Important Phone Numbers

  • Moorpark College: (805) 378-1400
  • Counseling Department: (805) 378-1428
  • Languages, Library and Learning Resources Office (English Department): (805) 378-1443
  • Writing Center: (805) 553-4850
  • ACCESS (Special Needs): (805) 378-1461