The Associated Students of Moorpark College (ASMC) Board of Directorsis an eleven-member elected student government board. Click on the title below or scroll down the page to learn more about each role and the current student serving in the position.

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Director of Academic Affairs
  4. Director of Budget & Finance
  5. Director of Campus Events
  6. Director of Constitution & Standing Rules
  7. Director of External Affairs
  8. Director of Public Relations
  9. Director of Student Organizations
  10. Director of Student Services
  11. Director of Sustainability

ASMC is advised by Kristen Robinson, M.S. (; 805-553-4976). The Student Activities Office is managed by Kristen Robinson, under supervision provided by Dean Dr. Samuel Lingrosso and overseen by Vice President of Student Support Dr. Amanuel Gebru.


ASMC appoints Delegates as needed to help fulfill their mission of advocacy and student engagement. Delegate positions are a great way to get familiar with the Associated Students without having to make the same level of commitment. Sample responsibilities of Delegates include serving on Moorpark College shared governance committees (click here to see a list of some of the committees or work groups Delegates can serve on) or assisting with event or project implementation. Contact for more information on how to become an ASMC Delegate!

Meet your student government representatives!



(805) 553-4832


Kristopher Hotchkiss is studying Communications with a minor in Economics. As ASMC's President, Kris serves as the official spokesperson for the Board of Directors and the broader MC student body, acting as liaison between college and district administration and the students. He presides over all ASMC Board of Directors meetings and is responsible for the executive functions of the Board.

An active member of the MC Nature's Finest club, he has contributed to the donation of organic produce to the campus food pantry. Key goals for which Kris hopes to advocate include creating a more enjoyable space in the MC cafeteria dining room and hosting concerns and dances for students.

Photo of Kris taken by MC Student Voice photo editor Evan Reinhardt.

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Vice President
(805) 553 - 4831


Cecilia Nguyen is a Psychology major at Moorpark College. As ASMC Vice President, Cecilia takes a lead on all things human resources-related within the Board, including recruiting, screening, and appointing new Board members with vacancies arise, promoting the ASMC Delegates program, assigning Board members to MC shared governance committees, and tracking Board members' attendance at required meetings. In addition to facilitating the appointment process for new Board members and overseeing the hiring of new student support staff, Cecilia is responsible for overseeing the internal administrative duties of the Board and works with the ASMC President to ensure ASMC has the resources necessary to be successful in their role as student government representatives.

Cecilia comes to the position with a lot of past student involvement. She served on the KIWINIS Key Club and was president of her high school's Saving Lives club. She was also a content editor for her high school's news website and a member of the Good Samaritan Medical and Dental Ministry team. 

Photo of Cecilia was taken by MC Student Voice photo editor Evan Reinhardt.

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Director of Academic Affairs
(805) 553-4831


Poon Yuwawanit is a Biochemistry major at Moorpark College. Her role as Director of Academic Affairs includes representing ASMC on matters of academic and educational policy; overseeing the ASMC Scholarship Program; and implementing the Commissioned Arts Program.

Prior to joining ASMC, Poon helped operate a Turning Point Residential Shelter, volunteered at the Rise Against Hunger Organization, and is a member of the National Future Scientists and Engineers of America. A goal of Poon's while she is on the ASMC Board is to implement field trips to further students' interests and knowledge.

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Director of Budget and Finance
(805) 553-4831


As Director of Budget & Finance, Sahil Vig develops ASMC's annual operating budget and tracks spending from the Board's ten (10) trust accounts. Sahil also chairs the ASMC Programming Committee, which provides funding to groups that aim at enhancing student life at MC.

Sahil is a Finance major who spent his summer interning with the finance department of a healthcare industry company. In addition to helping provide financial support to improve student life and campus services, Sahil hopes to help shine a light on the many resources and programs that MC offers that are underutilized.

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Director of Campus Events
(805) 553-4831

The Director of Campus Events oversees and facilitates all ASMC events and activities, manages materials related to events, and serves on the ASMC Programming Committee.

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Director of Constitution & Standing Rules
(805) 553-4831


Zubair Sidhu is a Computer Science major at Moorpark College. As Director of Constitution & Standing Rules, Zubair's role is to ensure that the Board operates within its own pre-established guidelines, as well as within local, state, and federal regulations related to ASMC operations. In addition to serving as a voting member on the ASMC Programming Committee, Zubair chairs the Elections Committee in the spring and records all meeting minutes for the Board's regular meetings.

In addition to participating in the MC Enthusiastic Programmers Club, Zubair teaches children programming at the Schulich Community Robotics Program and has worked as a Software Engineering intern at ProDIGIQ, Inc. Zubair hopes to make ASMC more transparent and to ensure that the needs of all students are accounted for in ASMC's governing documents.

Photo of Zubair was taken by MC Student Voice photo editor Evan Reinhardt.

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Director of External Affairs
(805) 553-4831


Sophia Escalante is a Psychology major at MC. As Director of External Affairs, she leads advocacy efforts on behalf of MC students' interests and serves as the primary representative to off-campus entities. This includes representing ASMC at the monthly VCCCD Board of Trustee meetings.

Sophia's involvement on the MC campus extends beyond student government. She is also a competitive member of the MC Mock Trial team and an Honors Program student. She hopes to be able to leverage MC's connections to improve student life as well as create more opportunities for student leadership development.

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Director of Public Relations
(805) 553-4831


Jordan Ross is an Engineering major and math tutor at MC. As Director of Public Relations, Jordan promotes all ASMC projects and events using the Student Voice, ASMC social media accounts, and other outlets. She also serves on the Inter-Club Council and collaborates with other ASMC Directors and club representatives to promote student life activities on campus.

Serving others is something that comes naturally to Jordan. In addition to participating in the Girl Scouts of America for 7 years, she was a member of the National Honors Society at her high school and President of a cheer club for students with disabilities. While serving on ASMC, Jordan wants to encourage more online engagement by holding contests via social media and hopes to identify new ways to promote activities and events on campus.

Photo of Jordan was taken by MC Student Voice photo editor Evan Reinhardt.

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ASMC Director of Student Organizations Devika Bedi

Director of Student Organizations
(805) 553-4831

Devika is a Communication Studies major at MC. She in addition to being involved in various clubs, such as the Business Students Association, Nature's Finest, and the Comm Studies Club, Devika has also worked on campus for both the Student Activities Office and the Marketing team.

As Director of Student Organizations, Devika is the primary liaison between MC clubs and the ASMC Board. In addition to chairing the Inter-Club Council, Devika is a voting member of the Programming Committee, which supports clubs' activities and events, and she works with clubs individually and frequently to provide support for their ideas.

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Director of Student Services
(805) 553-4831


Rebecca Gabra, a Political Science major at MC, is ASMC Director of Student Services. In this capacity, she is responsible for organizing and/or advocating for activities that promote the health, welfare, and safety of the MC student body.

Serving others is something Rebecca has been known for long before joining student government. Rebecca spent 12 years with the Girl Scouts of America, was Vice President of her high school's Knitting is Giving organization, a member of its Interact Club, and volunteered with her local library's summer programs. In addition to joining ASMC, Rebecca is also a member of MC's competitive Mock Trial team. She looks forward to creating events and activities that promote the inclusion of all students while building on previous boards' de-stress programs to promote student welfare.

Photo of Rebecca was taken by MC Student Voice photo editor Evan Reinhardt.

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Picture of ASMC Director of Sustainability James Pollock, st

Director of Sustainability
(805) 553-4831


As Director of Sustainability, James Pollock oversees those activities which enhance environmental advocacy, education, and sustainability or which address environmental issues at Moorpark College. James also serves as Chair for the Associated Students Sustainability Committee (ASSC) and represents ASMC on the Campus Environment Committee. He will be developing an application for students to apply for funding to support sustainability projects.

A long-standing environmental advocate, James served on the ASSC last year, where he collaborated with other students to draft a plan to incorporate more native gardens throughout the Moorpark College campus, thus reducing MC's overall water use for landscaping. He hopes to see this plan implemented this year, while also working with administration, faculty, staff and students to identify other ways to reduce MC's environmental footprint.

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