ASMC Board of Directors

The Associated Students of Moorpark College (ASMC) Board of Directors is an eleven-member elected student government board. Check out the roles and responsibilities page to learn more about what each member of the ASMC Board of Directors is personally responsible for in regards to Moorpark College's student life and engagement, and scroll down to meet the 2018-2019 ASMC Board of Directors.

ASMC is advised by Kristen Robinson, M.S. (; 805-553-4976). The Student Activities Office is under the Division of Student Learning (Business, Child Development, and Student Engagement), led by Dean Dr. Howard Davis and overseen by Vice President of Student Support Dr. Amanuel Gebru.

2018-2019 Board of Directors

ASMC President Andrew Lopez.
Andrew Lopez


ASMC Vice President Shida Delgosha
Shida Delgosha

Vice President

ASMC Director of Academic Affairs Ashley Avakian
Ashley Avakian

Director of Academic Affairs

ASMC Director of Budget & Finance Rahyen Heilmann
Rahyen Heilmann

Director of Budget and Finance

Pictured: Matthew Campbell
Matthew Campbell

Director of Campus Events

ASMC Director of Constitution & Standing Rules Jeanette Ralph
Jeanette Ralph

Director of Constitution & Standing Rules

Director of External Affairs

Anise Dhanjal
Director of Public Relations
ASMC Director of Student Organizations Andres Ramirez Galeano
Ramírez Galeano (LinkedIn)
Director of Student Organizations
ASMC Director of Student Services & Sustainability Cassandra Cardoza
Cassandra Cardoza
Director of Student Services & Sustainability
















































































































ASMC Delegates

ASMC appoints Delegates as needed to help fulfill their mission of advocacy and student engagement. Delegate positions are a great way to get familiar with the Associated Students without having to make the same level of commitment. Sample responsibilities of Delegates include serving on Moorpark College shared governance committees (click here to see a list of some of the committees or work groups Delegates can serve on) or assisting with event or project implementation. Contact for more information on how to become an ASMC Delegate!