Q: What is the Associated Students?

A: Associated Students is a collective body consisting of all students currently enrolled at Moorpark College.

Q: What is the Board of Directors?

A: The Board of Directors is the student government on campus.  It consists of ten elected and/or appointed students who serve in the best interest of their peers. They make sure their fellow students are represented at the local, state, and national level, handling all the legislative, financial, judicial, and executive powers of the Associated Students.

Q: What are the positions on the Board of Directors?

A: There are ten positions on the Board of Directors - President, Vice President, Dir. of Academic Affairs, Dir. of Budget and Finance. Dir. of Campus Events, Dir. of Constitution and Standing Rules, Dir. of External Affairs, Dir. of Public Relations, Dir. of Student Organizations, and Dir. of Student Services. For a current list of this year's board members, visit Board of Directors

Q: How can I get involved?

A: Each board is elected the spring semester prior to assuming office. To become a member on the board, you must run during elections in April, or be appointed (if there are vacancies). Election applications can be found in the Student Activities Office (Campus Center - Room 152) beginning in April.

Students may also participate by simply stopping by and offering to help. You may also come to the Board's weekly meetings to observe or address your opinions or concerns, or you may go to participatory governance meetings. Stop by the Student Activities Office for more information.

You can also reach us on Facebook and Instagram.

Q: How do I get funding for an event or activity?

A: The Associated Students Board of Directors sponsors events that promote student life and growth at Moorpark College. To apply for funds, you may submit an application to the Programming Committee or contact the Board directly for matters that do not fall under the jurisdictions of the Programming Committee.

For more information, refer to Article VII of the Associated Students Standing Rules.

Q: How do I start a new student organization/club?

A: Student organizations/clubs can be formed at any time during the fall or spring semesters. You must submit an application containing governing documents, officer information, student organization information, and an advisor's agreement to the Board of Directors for consideration.

The Board must review your application and vote on whether or not to recognize your organization. The application can be found online or in the Student Activities Office (Campus Center - Room 152). Contact the Dir. of Student Organizations or visit the Student Organizations web page for more information.

Q: How do I renew a student organization?

A: Each year every student organization must apply for renewal by submitting an application to the Board of Directors. The "Renewing a Student Organization Checklist" can be found online or in the Student Activities Office (Campus Center - Room 152.)

Q: How do I buy a Student ID?

A: You may purchase a Moorpark College Student ID two ways:  either log onto MyVCCCD or purchase it directly from the Student Business Office, located in the Administration building. IDs are $10 for a semester, and $15 for a year. See "How to Purchase a Student ID" for step by step directions.

Q: Where do I pick up my Student ID? Do I have to take a picture?

A: You may pick up your Moorpark College Student ID in the Associated Students/Student Activities office, located in the Campus Center - Room 152. You have to bring a printed receipt that shows you purchased an ID specifically. You will be taking your picture, so make sure to dress to impress and say "CHEESE!"

Q: Where is the Student Activities/Associated Students Office?

A: Our office is located in the Campus Center, in room 152. We are directly across from the Bookstore, and adjacent to the Food Court.

More Questions? Just email, call, or stop by the Student Activities Office for more information.
(805) 553-4831

Campus Center - Room 152