Constitution, Meeting Agendas, and Minutes

Below are the governing documents of the Associated Students of Moorpark College, which dictate how the Board of Directors shall function in regards to general operations, budget and finance, elections, and other related issues. Questions about these items may be emailed to

Constitution & Standing Rules

The ASMC Board of Directors exists to serve the individual and collective needs of the students of Moorpark College. To aid them in this process, ASMC established a constitution of self-governance, which serves as a directive for all of their procedures, as does all laws, regulations, codes, policies, and procedures set forth by the Ventura County Community College District (VCCCD) Board of Trustees, the California Education Code, any other laws of the State of California, and/or the laws of the United States of America. Learn more about ASMC policies by reviewing its Constitution & Standing Rules.

ASMC Board members attend one of their regular weekly Board meetings.

With leadership from ASMC President Andrew Lopez, ASMC Vice President Shida Delgosha, and ASMC Director of Finance Rahyen Heilmann, the Board of Directors developed and adopted a projected budget for its operations for fiscal year 2018-2019. View the ASMC (projected) budget for 2018-2019 for more information about ASMC's funding sources and its spending projections.

ASMC is able to offer financial support to student organizations and campus departments through its various funding sources, such as: the sale of college student photo identification cards; the (optional) Student Representation Fee; the Student Center Fee; and the (optional) Student Activity Fee (learn more about fees here). With these funding sources, ASMC is able to continue building its standing on campus as a promoter and supporter of campus life.

General Election Protocol

The ASMC Board of Directors oversees the annual student election process, which is led by the ASMC Director of Constitution & Standing Rules, who serves as Chair of the ad hoc Elections Committee. The ASMC and Student Trustee general election process follows the VCCCD Student Election Standard Operating Practices. Learn more about running for office by visiting the ASMC Elections page.

Agendas and Minutes

ASMC Board of Directors post their meeting agendas in two glass bulletin board enclosures: one is located on Raider Walk in between Fountain Hall and the Humanities & Social Science building, and the other is located in the Campus Center. Meeting agendas and minutes are also available online or upon request to