ASMC Inter-Club Council (ICC)

Inter-Club Council meeting from Fall 2017The purpose of the ASMC Inter-Club Council (ICC) is to provide students with opportunities to gain valuable leadership experience while developing personal and professional relationships. The ICC does so by providing direction and mentorship to Moorpark College student organizations, ensuring that they have the resources and guidance needed to operate their clubs effectively. This includes training or guidelines on how to throw events, how to host guest speakers, how to take field trips or excursions, how to develop a club constitution, or how to lead meetings. Visit the Resources for student organizations page for more guidance on how to successfully operate your club.

Who serves on the ICC?

All active Moorpark College student organizations are a part of the ICC, and each student organization has a voting representative participate on behalf of the club. Per ASMC Standing Rules, it is expected that each formally recognized student club will send at least one representative to each monthly meeting. Lack of attendance at ICC meetings can lead to a club's suspension. The ICC is chaired by the ASMC Director of Student Organizations. The council is co-chaired by the ASMC Vice President, and the ASMC Director of Public Relations also has a seat as a voting member. Learn more about the ASMC Board of Directors leading the ICC here.

When does the ICC meet?

The ICC meets monthly throughout the school year. Spring 2019 meetings will be the last Monday of the month from 12:00 - 1:30 pm (locations announced monthly). Visit the ASMC Agendas and Minutes page for more information about ICC and to view dates and agendas for upcoming meetings.

ICC Training

The ICC offers training to MC student organizations at the beginning of the year to help them understand the processes for effectively operating their club.