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Moorpark College Engineering Club President Calvin Tan shown with a drone.Moorpark College has dozens of active student organizations! These formally recognized clubs provide students with opportunities to engage with classmates, apply classroom concepts or principles to real-life situations, and undergo personal growth. Participating students gain valuable leadership experience while developing social and professional relationships.

Clubs are listed in alphabetical order. Use Ctrl-F feature to search by key word, or select a letter below to see all the clubs whose names between with that letter. Find out when clubs are meeting, or check out what events will be taking place on the Moorpark College campus, by visiting the Student Activities Office calendar.

Don't see a club that suits your academic, cultural, or personal interests? Check out our list of formerly active student clubs that you can revive, or check out our Start a new club page.

Pictured: 2017 MC Engineering Club president Calvin Tan at the annual Club Rush event. (Photo by James Schaap)



American Choral Directors Association
Open to all students interested choral music education, performance, composition, and advocacy.
President: Student president (
Advisor: Brandon Elliott (

America's Teaching Zoo, Student Chapter of AAZK
Open to EATM students and all interested in the campus zoo.
President: TBD; please check back
Advisor: Kris Romero (
Advisor: Alisa Behar (

Anthropology Association (MCAA)
Open to all students interested in anthropology.
President: Dylan Colstan (
Advisor: Ashley Vaughan (
Advisor: Rachel Messinger (

Armenian Students Association
Open to all students interested in Armenian history and culture.
Co-President: Colleen Kureghian (
Co-President: Haig MeKhsian (
Advisor: Vahe Khachadoorian (

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Black Student Union (BSU)
Open to all interested students.
President: TBD; please check back.
Advisor: Tim Lumas (
Advisor: Johnny Conley (

Business Students Association (BSA)
Open to all students interested in business.
President: Sophia Galicia (
Advisor: Andress Walker (

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Chemistry Club
Open to all students interested in learning chemistry.
President: Nazanin Moghim (
Advisor: Robert Keil (
Advisor: Steven Joiner (

Circle K International
All students interested in volunteerism or civic engagement welcome!
President: Jordan Ong (
Advisor: Karla N. Montenegro Gonzalez (

Criminal Justice/Bujinkan Club
All students interested in martial arts and criminal justice can join.
President: TBD; please check back.
Advisor: Chad Basile (

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Dance Club
Open to all students interested in dance performance.
President: Sophia Nuño (
Advisor: Robert Salas (
Advisor: Beth Megill (

Dub Club
Open to all students interested in voice-overs.
President: TBD; please check back.
Advisor: Peggy O'Neal (

Open to all students interested in a cappella.
President: Grace Teh (
Advisor: Brandon Elliott (

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Earth & Environmental Science Club
Open to students interested in environmental issues and sustainability.
President: TBD; please check back or contact club advisor.
Advisor: Roger Putnam (

Economics Club
Open to those interested in economic principles and discussion.
President: Taylor Skorpen (
Advisor: Rex Edwards (

Educational Child Organization (formerly Child Development Club)
All students studying or interested in child development welcome.
President: Teanna Pack (
President: Tracie Marshall (
Advisor: Angelina Gomez (
Advisor: Cristina Osterhoudt (

Engineering Club
Open to students interested in the field of engineering.
President: Bobby Lara (
Advisor: Dr. Scarlet Relle (
Advisor: Dr. Jenny Ding (

Enthusiastic Programmers (visit website)
All interested in computer programming and hack-a-thons are welcome!
President: Jesus Gutierrez (
Advisor: Esmaail Nikjeh (

All students are welcome to join this club.
President: Esmeralda Gonzalez (
Advisor: Angelica Rodriguez (

eSports Club
All eSports enthusiasts are welcome.
President: Eric Casas (
Advisor: Johnathan Bair (

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Film Club
Open to those interested in film, and film and media production.
President: Kel Stanton (
Advisor: Nicole Block (
Advisor: Benjamin Sampson (

FLeX Club
Open to all interested in fitness, nutrition, and health.
President: Joel Mier (
Advisor: Jeff Kreil (
Advisor: Brock Cushman (

Forensics Team (Speech & Debate)
Open to students interested in speech and debate training and competition.
Advisor: Rolland Petrello (

Fright Club
Open to all those who are interested in the supernatural, paranormal; those who love being scared; those who love Halloween and spooky films and events.
President: Christopher Allison (
Advisor: Haleh Risdana (

Future Animal Professionals
Open to students enrolled in EATM program.
Advisor: Kris Romero (

Future Radiologic Technologists
Open to Radiology program enrollees.
President: Lana Assaf (
Advisor: Robert Darwin (

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History and Wargames Club
Open to students interested in world or U.S. history, as well as those who enacting playing wargames.
President: Vinicius Vella Sarlo Sanchez (
Advisor: Hugo Hernandez (

Honors Club
Open to students interested in honors-level courses.
President: Eric Condarcure (
Advisor: Lee Ballestero (

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iMpaCt Club
Open to anyone interested in learning about cybersecurity and/or participating in cybersecurity competitions.
President: Ulises Bernal Chicuate (
Advisor: Edmond Garcia (

International Relations Club (IRC)
Open to all who wish to engage in civil conversations surrounding international news and global events.
President: Spencer Hoogueld (
Advisor: John Baker (

International Student Organization (Facebook page)
Open to all students interested in other cultures.
President: Oscar Karlsson (
Advisor: Beth Gillis-Smith (
Advisor: Maria Thayer (

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
Open to students interested in the Christian faith.
President: Elijah Swartz (
Advisor: Beth Gillis-Smith (

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Latinx Club
Open to all those interested in Latinx support systems.
President: Jessica Ruiz (
Advisor: Eddie Beltran (

Latter Day Saints Student Association (LDSSA)
Open to all those interested in joining.
President: Nicholas Baker (
Advisor: Joelle Hannah (

Live Poets Society
Open to all those interested in writing and performing original poetry or spoken word.
President: Emily Punch (
Advisor: Wade Bradford (

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Maker Club
Open to community members who wish to create, think, design, and make!
President: Keir Kloss (
Advisor: Clare Sadnik (

Mock Trial Club
Open to those interested in oral argumentation.
President: Riley Shapiro (
Advisor: Lee Ballestero (

Muslim Students Association
Open to all students who wish to join.
President: Salman Muntazir (
Advisor: Allam Elhussini (

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Nature's Finest (visit website or Facebook page)
Nature and gardening enthusiasts welcomed!
President: Mikyla Maglente (
Advisor: Martha Ahlstrom (
Advisor: Roger Putnam (

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Omega Club
Omega's mission is to help students, particularly men of color, to succeed academically and in finding a community on campus.
President: Kelvin Hau Canche (
Advisor: Eddie Beltran (

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Phi Theta Kappa
Admission by invitation based on academic requirements.
President: Kathleen Lamarque-Navarrete (
Advisor: Jamee Maxey-D'Angelo (
Advisor: Emmanuel Godinez (

Philosophy Club
Open to all students interested in philosophy.
President: Sabrina Shenker (
Advisor: Jerry Caplan (

President's Leadership Forum
All students are eligible to apply in Fall to participate.
Please contact Linda Resendiz ( for details
on how to apply to participate in the President's Leadership Forum.

Psychology Club
Open to all students interested in psychology.
President: Madina Safdari (
Advisor: Julie Campbell (

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Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)
Open to those interested in supporting the organization's mission to change lives by empowering the Hispanic community to realize its fullest potential and to impact the world through STEM awareness, access, support, and development.
President: Luis Melendez (
Advisor: Rick Edwards (

S.P.A.C.E. Club
Open to those interested in physics + astronomy.
President: Rita Tagarao (
Advisor: Erik Reese (

Spectrum Club
Open to all members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community.
President: Sarina Garrett (
Advisor: Sally Ponce O'Rourke (
Advisor: Danielle Vieira (

Student Nurses Association
Open to all MC Nursing Program students.
Co-President: Felicity Holman (
Co-President: Kelly Burke (
Advisor: Argie Clifford (
Advisor: Olga Myshina (

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Turning Point USA
Open to all students interested in civil debate about free markets and other principles.
President: Cameron Clark (
Advisor: Jeffrey Brown (

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Veteran's Alliance
MC students who have served, are currently serving, or who are interesting in supporting those who have served in the U.S. armed forces are welcome.
President: Zachary Barclift (
Advisor: Johnny Conley (

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Wizards Club
Dungeons & Dragons or other game enthusiasts welcome!
President: Derek Ng (
Advisor: Matt Cassaro (

Women in Engineering, Math and Science (WEMS)
Open to all MC students.
President: Dharma Lewis (
Advisor: Dr. Farisa Morales (

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Youthly Evolved Society (YES)
Open to all students interested in volunteerism and community service.
President: Gerald Richardson (
Co-President: Pauline Nassar (
Advisor: Rachelle Goetz (

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