FREE MATINEE-Night of the Living Dead on October 19th at 10:00am

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 - 10:00am

I am pleased to announce very special presentation of the cult classic Night of the Living Dead in the Main Stage theatre on Wednesday October 19th at 10:00am. Moorpark College Theatre Arts Department would like to invite your classes and/or other interested students to a special matinee of this horror masterpiece. This matinee will be FREE for all Moorpark College students! We will also have American Sign Language Interpreters (ASL) provided by our friends at ACCESS for deaf and hard of hearing students. Due to the limited seating and popularity of these special presentations, we strongly encourage you to reserve your seats early!

Night of the Living Dead first introduced zombies into the mainstream pop culture. Fall out from a satellite probe shot to Venus returns to Earth carrying a mysterious radiation that transforms the unburied dead into flesh-eating monsters. Seven people trapped in an isolated farmhouse, held hostage by the ravenous ghouls, begin to turn on each other as the dead encroach. Night of the Living Dead is a gripping, terror-filled play that brings all the fright of the cult classic to life. This blend of thrilling horror, surprise and suspense envelops the audience in the action and unfolds into a shocking theatrical ending.

To book seats for Night of the Living Dead, please contact our box office at (805) 378-1485 or send an email to  If you should have any questions about the production, please do not hesitate to call me.  I hope to see you at the show!

Suzanne Fagan



MC Box Office 805-378-1485


Performing Arts Building