Post Election Forum - 11/16 - 1p-230p

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 - 1:00pm

Hi everyone,

We have decided to hold a forum this Wednesday (November 16) from 1:00PM to 2:30PM in EATM 208. Please join us for this forum, as we discuss the election, the future of our nation, and the concerns of our students and colleagues.  We will be respectful of each other’s opinions and free speech rights. This forum is our opportunity to model civil discourse as well as to support any students who feel anxious about the election results. Our college will continue to be a sanctuary of support for all students, irrespective of their race, gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or physical disability.

Thank you,                    

Luis P. Sanchez, JD, LLM


Moorpark College




EATM - 208