The Year of Now and Then: Evolution in Technology

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 - 6:00pm

This exciting event will feature discussions and demonstrations on innovations in video game graphics, technologies utilized in Athletics, Astronomy and robotic arms utilized by NASA on all the Mars Rovers, leading up to the Curiosity Rover.  Through “The Year of Now and Then: Explorations in Technology,” we look back on the technologies that have changed our world over that time and we hope you can join us as we enjoy the earthbound presentations from Moorpark College faculty member and Head Coach, Remy  McCarthy and  Zareh Gorjian, Lead Animator of the Science Data Visualization Group and then turn our focus on the skies with presentations from Astrophysicist, Tim Thompson and JPL Chief Engineer, Wayne Zimmerman.  This entertaining and compelling program offers something for everyone as demonstrations on the evolution in technologies in basketball, video game graphics from “Pong” to “Call of Duty” and space age innovations are presented.  This FREE event, open to the community, will highlight the latest innovations in athletic coaching, digital graphics, multi-wavelength scanning of the heavens and the development of interplanetary exploration.

Oct 12th @ Moorpark College: Noon to 12:45 in Comm 129 with a larger presentation @ 6:00pm in EATM 208

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