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@ One Archived Seminars

Some categories with just a few topics:

  1. Online teaching
    1. Blogging and Best Practices in Online Teaching
    2. Designing a Hybrid Course
    3. Design Crimes in Online Presentation
  2. Computer Basics
    1. Harness the Power of Excel (several levels)
    2. The ABCs of PDFs
  3. Productivity Applications (more advanced)
    1. What’s new in PowerPoint 2013
    2. Google Drive vs. Microsoft 365
  4. Multimedia Tools
    1. iPad in Education
    2. The Art of PowerPoint (several levels)
  5. Collaboration Tools
    1. How to Integrate Facebook into Your Teaching

These excellent 1-hour seminars are teacher-led and freely available to all.  There are many seminars under each topic. 





Turnitin Academy Webinars

Topics include:

  1. Office Hours: Students Share Successful Feedback Tips
  2. Learner Centered Assessment: Do Rubrics Enhance the Learning Experience?
  3. Data-Driven Decisions: Using Rubrics for Programmatic Assessments

Geared toward use with Turnitin







The following are just a sampling of categories and programs

  1. Education:
    1. Flipping the Classroom
    2. iPad Classroom: Apps for Educators
    3. Office for Educators
    4. iBooks Author for Teachers
  2. Software/Other:
    1. 232 programs for Microsoft!
    2. WordPress
    3. Adobe (everything)
    4. Mac software, including Microsoft for Mac
    5. Google Apps (Drive, Forms, Calendar)
    6. iPads, iPhones, iTunes
    7. Browsers
    8. Open Source software like OpenOffice
    9. Photography and video editing software
    10. Social media: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr
    11. Prezi
    12. SharePoint (MC Share for us)

This learn-on-your-own service is purchased by the District and has endless offerings!  You can find a link on your Work-Life page of



Teaching for Success Library





Many categories, including “Quick Courses,” which include:

  1. How to Create Lesson Plans that Work
  2. How to Activate Your Lectures and Presentations
  3. How to Test and Evaluate Learning…and many more!

This resource is purchased by MC and has many tips for teaching.


Website: See the Link on your Faculty page.  Access requires a username (tfsmember) and password (tfs2014).


Moorpark College Tech Ed Coffee Break Archives

TechEd Coffee Break Archives from 2014/2015:

  1. Department-Wide SLOs in D2L
  2. The Student Experience
  3. Finding What Works in Our Online Classes
  4. Facebook for Your Class
  5. Surveys in Desire2Learn and Online Classes



The TechEd Coffee Breaks are located in CCC Confer. To search for a Coffee Break, go to

Click on the Archives tab at the top of the page. Enter the words “coffee break” in the Content box. Click Find Archives.

*You may need to watch for pop-ups and downloads in order to view the sessions. Help can be found under the Support tab on and user guides under the Training tab or links.


Google Apps

  1. Google Apps Education Overview
  2. Google Sites for Educators
  3. Managing Google Docs with Your Classroom
  4. Building a Class Site with Google Sites
  5. Transitioning to Google Apps
  6. Using Google Apps for Digital Storytelling Projects


These are recorded seminars that can be watched whenever you choose.  They are free and taught by Google-certified instructors.



Microsoft Education Webcasts

Each Level contains Courses that lead to Mastery. 

Level 100: Digital Literacy

Level 200: Teaching with Technology

Level 200: Microsoft Certified Educator

Level 300: 21st Century Learning Design

Level 400: Peer Coaching


Offers Certification in several levels. All Courses are free and range in length from 3-10 hours or so each. 

Other helpful training

CCC Confer Training:

Description: CCC Confer is our online meeting, teaching, office hours tool. Want to teach online? Record an online lecture? Share your screen with students remotely? Hold online office hours? Lead a meeting from home? CCC Confer has audio, phone, mobile, webcam, chat, and e-whiteboard options.

Available every day! Main link that leads to both of the below:

  1. **Recommended** Register for a Live training: Choose Tuesday or Wednesday at 9am or 1pm.
    1. Direct link to sign up form:
  2. Recorded training- Direct link: Training:

Description: Learn how to use OriginalityCheck, GradeMark, or PeerMark tools. OriginalityCheck reviews student papers for plagiarism. You can submit the papers, or students can submit them directly. You’ll see how much of their work was plagiarized and from what sources. You can also allow students to see their results, if desired. GradeMark is a tool that lets you review and mark up papers with your comments virtually, and your most common comments are saved for reuse. PeerMark allows students to review each other’s submissions virtually.



Description: Find instructional videos in a large video repository, manage a playlist of your own uploaded videos, and link to them from our college sites.



Intelecom Online Resources Network: Video Repository

Find captioned video clips to supplement your instruction. The repository keeps growing, with additional subject areas!


**These are advertised on the Instructional Technology Faculty Trainings webpage:  


CCC Confer:

 Instructor Training:

Contact Ashley Chelonis,, for our Moorpark College account information to get started with your own Moorpark College account.










Login from the Faculty Quicklinks box on the Faculty tab in MyVCCCD. Once in Intelecom, click on the Help Center tab and watch the tutorials to get started!