Please review the workgroups listed below.  If you are a classified staff member and would like to participate in one or more of the workgroups below, please come to the monthly Classified Senate meetings to hear more or go to the scheduled workgroup meeting as listed below.




Annual Holiday Luncheon

This workgroup sponsors and organizes the annual holiday luncheon.  This includes making arrangements for catering, decorations, item donation & auction coordination, volunteer coordination for pre/post event set-up, etc.  
Bylaws Workgroup This workgroup will establish, review, and maintain the Classified Senate Bylaws. Ratified 9/16/10.
Constitution Workgroup This workgroup reviews and may revise, if necessary, the current established/adopted Classified Senate Constitution.

Adopted 12/3/09.  Revisions approved 9/16/10.

Fundraising Workgroup  
This workgroup will focus on fundraising efforts to support Classified Senate activities and scholarships.

See Sponsored Activities for more information.

Scholarship Workgroup  
This workgroup will develop a process for review, selection, and awarding of scholarship funds.
Welcome / Sunshine Workgroup  
This workgroup creates welcome packages for new hires, delivers the packages in person, and welcomes new staff to Moorpark College.  This workgroup will also recognize monumental achievements of fellow classified members as well as birthdays and/or other significant dates. 
Website Workgroup  
This workgroup will periodically review the content of the Classified Senate website and recommend changes as necessary.  If there is anything you notice that needs to be changed, please notify with a screen shot and description of the change to make.