About the Moorpark College Local POCR Team

The Peer Online Course Review (POCR) is an opportunity for interested faculty to put their course through a review process in which the course will be assessed per the standards outlined in the CVC-OEI Rubric. The course instructor will receive feedback which outlines the degree to which the course is aligned to the rubric standards and how certain standards can meet alignment expectations per the feedback given.

This is also an opportunity for interested faculty to serve as reviewers. For this, you will be required to undergo a four-week training which will teach the reviewer about course alignment, how to assess alignment, and the proper way to provide feedback to the course instructor. The goal is, with the help of the reviewers and the team, that the course will be revised as necessary to reach full alignment and then submitted to the CVC-OEI for verification and official badging!

Funding is provided for both course instructors and course reviewers. Interested participants can access more information including the contractual agreement, the outline of expectations, the possible training dates for those interested in becoming reviewers, and the sign-up sheet using the menus and links below!

After submitting the documents with signatures, the POCR Lead, Anasheh Gharabighi, will reach out to schedule an orientation!

The POCR process is an incredibly rewarding experience for course instructors and reviewers alike! We look forward to the development of this team and your participation in it!

For more information about and to sign-up for the Instructor and/or the Reviewer Roles in our Local POCR team, please click each of the accordion items below. 

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