The Department of World Languages strongly encourages all students to enroll in language courses at the appropriate course level. Students who enroll in levels below their ability often do not succeed in their chosen course. Students who have had exposure to a language at home or who are without formal, academic study in language, are often best served when they begin their college-level study of that language at the second-semester, M02 level.

The language course prerequisites in the Moorpark College Catalog and the Schedule of Classes state that in order to enroll in, for example, French or Spanish M02, students must have completed French M01 or Spanish M01, or have completed two years of high school French or Spanish with a grade of “C” or better.

Students unable to demonstrate this prerequisite with transcripts, but who believe that their experience with the language should qualify them for admission to a higher level, may nevertheless enroll in courses at a higher level upon completing an online level test and then requesting a waiver for enrollment.

In order to obtain this waiver, you must take the following steps:

1)    Take the webcape test at

  1. Use the password: raiders1
  2. Choose the language and begin

2)      Complete the test. Note that getting help on the test, either from another person knowledgeable in the language, or from online sources, will not help you to determine the level that is appropriate for you. Please do the test on your own.

3)      When you have completed the test, print out the score report page.

4)      Assess your score based on the following tables. For example, a score of 300 on the French test would mean that you should enroll French M02.


Below 200 points

French M01

200 to 399 points

French M02

400 to 600 points

French M03


Below 200 points

German M01

200 to 399 points

German M02


Below 225 points

Spanish M01

226 to 325 points

Spanish M02

326 to 403 points

Spanish M03

Above 403 points

Spanish M04

5)    If you are satisfied that you belong in a higher-level course, print out the page with your results and bring it to the office of Sam Lingrosso, Dean of the Division of English & Student Life (LLR 314, (805) 378-1443). There you may receive a waiver for enrollment that you then must take to the registrar’s office.

6)      Please be aware that the ultimate decision as to whether you are enrolled in the right course must be made by you in discussion with your instructor. The purpose of this level test is only advisory. Know also, that you might be asked to take this test again at the start of the semester.

7)     For students of Japanese, there is currently no level test available. Please contact the instructor of your course for guidance.