Behavior Assessment & Care (BAC)

BAC: Behavior, Assessment & Care

Colleges and Universities around the country are becoming more diligent and proactive in providing a safe environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to their campuses. Changes in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) have given administrators appropriate flexibility and deference regarding the disclosure of educational records and information. The U.S. Department of Education encourages schools and colleges to develop threat assessment programs and teams. Nationally, these teams are often known as BIT (Behavior Intervention Team).

At Moorpark College, in addition to addressing possible behavior and safety concerns, we also include a specific focus on providing support for students who have been identified with concerning behaviors. In light of these dual emphases, our local team name is BAC, the Behavior, Assessment, and Care Team. In order to maintain currency on issues related to BAC, Moorpark College is an active member of the National Behavioral Intervention Team Association (NaBITA).


Student Conduct, Complaint & Grievances

If you have a concern and aren’t quite sure how to address it, you have come to the right place.

Moorpark College has a “students first” mission in all facets of the student experience. Our goal is to provide wrap-around support. This webpage is designed as a guide for issues students experience that may require additional help.

Complaint and Grievance Procedures

Students are protected against capricious, arbitrary, unreasonable, unlawful, false, malicious, or professionally inappropriate evaluations or behavior by a faculty member, a staff member, an administrator or an official of the College or another student. Student complaints may be classified as grievances and fall into one of three categories: Academic, Non-Academic, and Discrimination.

It is our charge to provide a prompt and equitable means of resolving student grievances. These procedures shall be available to any student who reasonably believes a Moorpark College institutional decision or action has adversely affected his or her status, rights, or privileges as a student.

Here's How

The forms and procedures for academic and non-academic grievances are listed below and may be submitted to the front desk of the Division Office of Student Learning located on the 3rd floor of the Moorpark College Library Learning Resource Building, Room LLR-314. If you have any question you may email or call (805) 553-4848


Second-Year Experience (SYE)

SYE Program Overview

The Second-Year Experience (SYE) program at Moorpark College is designed to support students in their second year of college or higher with identifying, pursuing, and achieving their educational and career goals.

With guidance from counselors and student success coaches, SYE supports the continued growth of our students through activities and resources focused on career exploration, transfer preparation, and leadership development.

Funded through the Project CHESS grant, SYE supports the shared objective of helping students find success and achieve their degree by engaging in the classroom, feeling academically capable, connecting to peers and the campus community, and focusing on their future careers.

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