Class of 2004

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Students from the Class of 2004 - with their Animals.

hudson and jenny and katie becki nick
Jenny, Katie (2004) with Hudson, the Beaver Becki (2004) with Savuti, the Spotted Hyena Andrea & Jessica (2003) with Nick, the Miniature Horse
kiki jaime steph
Kiki (2004) with Sly, the Opossum Jamie (2003) with Zulu, the Mandrill Steph (2004) with Puppy, the Turkey Vulture
clarence serval jumping and katie cherilyn and trevor
Students with Clarence, the Galapagos Tortoise Katie (2004) with Spitz, the Serval Cherilyn, Trevor & Priscilla (2004) with Happy, the American Alligator
clarence emu scirroco
Allie & Liz (2003) with Clarence, the Galapagos Tortoise Rhonda & Trevor (2004) with Julietta, the Emu Carolina & Trevor (2004) with Scirroco, the Camel
michelle megan brit
Jessie (2004) with Michelle, the Capuchin Megan (2004) proving Clarence CAN be trained! Britanny (2003) with Kaleb, the Dromedary Camel
trevor and claire jenny and shmoo sam
Jorge (2003) & Claire (2004) with a Snake Jenny (2004) with Shmoo, the Seal Lion Kristina (2003) with Sam, the White-Cheeked Gibbon
  becki and megan luna danielle and janelle
  Becki & Megan (2004) with Malaika, the African Grey Parrot Danielle & Janette (2003) with Luna,
the Red-Ruffed Lemur
sayre mazoe and jessa chuy
Sayre (2004) with Gabby, the Catalina Macaw Jessa (2004) with Mazoe, the Serval Lisa (2003)with Chui, the Coati
kaleb and amy and trevor buddy carissa
Amy, Carrie H, leading Trevor (2004) riding Kaleb, the Camel Crystal (2004) with Buddy, the Raccoon Carissa (2004) with Precious, the Yellow Anaconda