first day

The First Week.

work day

At the end of Workday.

Dr. Peddie and Class of 2009

Dr. James Peddie, DVM and the Class of 2009, after his guest talk.

Hubert Wells and the Class of 2009.

2009 logo

Class of 2009 Logo

Student photos - the EATM Class of 2009!

kate in an oversized EATM shirt

wearing the "new"
EATM dress..!!
Tom in the Reptile room

in the reptile room

Sarah on the white phone

Sarah on a white phone

Daron and a Lizard
Amanda and Wendell
Joanna and Hamilton
Daron and a
Savanah Monitor Lizard
Amanda and Wendell,
the African Pygmy Goat
Joanna and Hamilton,
the Yucatan Mini-Pig
Bre and Arrow
Corwin and Rosie
Janet and Ghost
Bre and Arrow,
the Red-tailed hawk
Corwin and Rosie,
the Olive Baboon
Janet and Ghost,
the Bald Eagle
Jamie and sheep
Erica and Cain
Brianna and Chinchilla
Jamie and a sheep Erica and Cain,
the Chattering Lory
Brianna and Alladin,
a Chinchilla
Jen and Kiley
Krista and Laramie
Kiana and Schmoo
Jen and Kiley,
the Military Macaw
Krista and Laramie,
the Golden Eagle
Kiana and Schmoo,
the California Sea Lion
Tom and Puppy
Stephanie and CJ
Leisa and Rupee
Tom and Puppy,
the Turkey Vulture
Stephanie and CJ,
the Coyote
Leisa and Rupee, the
African Crested Porcupine
Brittany and Tahoe
Rebecca and Peaches
Tina and Sandboa
Brittany and Friday,
the Racoon
Rebecca and Peaches,
the Moluccan Cockatoo

Tina and a Sandboa

Kelly and Schmoo
Ornella and Sheep
Tom and Kaley
Kelly and Schmoo,
the California Sea Lion
Ornella and a Dolly,
a Suffolk sheep
Tom and Kaley,
moving a large stump
Katie and Rowdy
Kaley and cockroaches
Katrina and Baxter
Katie and Rowdy,
the Striped Skunk
Kaley and a Madagascar
Hissing Cockroach
Katrina and Baxter,
the Yucatan Mini-Pig
Cake day
Amanda and Alicia
Exciting Campus Walk
Cake day at the Zoo!! Amanda and Alicia
painting the grain storage
An exciting Campus
Jade and friends
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.
Katrina and Randi and Hollywood
Jade and friends
Barbi, Tina, Briana
& Dane
See no evil, hear no
evil, speak no evil
Tina, Alicia & Jinica
Katrina, Randi
and Hollywood
Heather and Spike

Heather and Spike,
the Bearded Dragon
Sara and Kook

Sarah and Gumdrop,
a laughing Kookaburra
Jinica and Dusty

Jinica and Dusty,
the Rabbit
Weston and Ghost

Weston and Ghost, the
Bald Eagle
Janae and Cowboy

Jenae and Cowboy, the
Double Yellow-headed
Amazon Parrot
Heather and Nova

Heather and Nova, the
Great Horned Owl
Nicole and Arrow

Nicole and Arrow, the
Red-tailed hawk
Nick and Mowgli

Nick and Mowgli, the
Katie and Wendell

Katie and Wendell, the
African Pygmy Goat