Class of 2011 - photos

Photos of the Class of 2011

Class of 2011 - the first day
The First Day.

Class of 2011 - at the end of the 1st week.
At the end of the first week.

Country days parade
Moorpark Country Days
 Walking the Emu
Taking the Emu for
her morning walk
 Telling the constructions workers how to do their job.
Telling the construction
workers how to do it.
 Coraline - the California Kingsnake
Coraline, the
California Kingsnake
Giving the Rabbit
some exercise
Stefanie and a Macaw
Stefanie with
a Scarlett Macaw 
 Jenny and Lindsay
Jenny and Lindsay
with CJ the Coyote
Sara and Salsa,
the Catalina Macaw
Alicia and a Sugar Glider
Alicia and a
Sugar Glider 
Taryn and
a Coati
 Crystina and an Opossum
Crystina and
an Opossum
Damien and Happy the alligator
Damien and Happy
the American Alligator 
Amanda and Puppy
Amanda and Puppy
the Turkey Vulture 
Britney and a Llama
Britney and one of
the llamas 
Jesse and Alba
Jesse and Alba
the barn Owl 
 Jessica and Hudson
Jessica and Hudson
the Beaver
Dezarri and a Scarlet Macaw
Dezarri and a
Scarlet Macaw 
Todd and a Serval
Todd and a
 The new foxes, with Alicia and Rachel
The new Foxes, with
Alicia and Rachel
 Lindsay and Cookie
Lindsay and Cookie
the African Gray Parrot
Jonathan and Norman, the Zebu
Jonathan and
Norman, the Zebu 
 Donelle and the Sugar Gliders
Donelle and the
Sugar Gliders
Mark and Oz
Mark and Ozz,
the Geoffroy's Tamarin
Kate and Alladin, the Chinchilla
Kate and Alladin
the Chinchilla 
Kat and Rowdy, the Striped Skunk 
Kat and Rowdy,
the Striped Skunk

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